Anonymous 05/01/2017 (Mon) 16:57:23 No. 1051 del

...Woody Wilson and Mandell House 18th Amendment which prohibited booze. This allowed the Palermo heroin mob to make some 4 billion that year off of what was totally a white market the year before. That heroin is still being black marketed and booze is more weaponized than ever, is exactly the way they planned it. These mobsters like Lucky Luciano and the Jews of the Syndicate, were all Jews at least by a third, and this is attested by Tony Gambino in his testimony to Pastor Phelps and Greg Zymanski (sp?) in that particular youtube video. He says "If you wanna be a true Sicilian like-a me, you gotta be one part greek, one part sicilian and one part Jew."

Tony in that interview also speaks of having Rommell's gun or guns. Think hard on that as Rommell was sent directly AWAY from Israel, which was what the syndicate finally got. Nuke weapons, State Power, ultimate mafia, that is what WW2 birthed.

So, if you ask me, "Which side do you like better, the mob or the FBI"? I would say that both need to look within and find PHOS ANTHROPOS. For example, Clarice Starling in the FBI film "Silence of the Lambs". Well, the film (being made in Jewellywood) doesn't describe the internal struggle of Christlike emanations from the heart. It doesn't show Clarice praying, nor does it show her considering her career choice in spiritual terms. In essence, no part of any Hollywodd movie really explains that yes, you DO have a soul and is constantly available for rescue --BY YOU yourself.

So obviously I am writing here to FBI dude himself. Not just him, but all agents who have hearts, souls, and who care about the COTUS and the things that preceded their particular agency whatever it may be. Also this is a callout to all guidos and goodfellas as well, and, some of these do know me in real life to be a man of honor. Thus, this is no idle message. I am not really such a racist or "antisemite" because, as you know, those are bullshit terms. In many ways what I write, and what I build, is caused directly by the world itself by which I allow myself to be guided.

No matter what bondsman binds you and no matter what paycheck you receive, it need not shrink your balls. Hah, did you get the joke there? When I say "A paycheck melts your balls" I meant your eyeballs. Because, paychecks make you not see things, you see?

Anyway I won't ban evade pol because FBI dude could do a AMA any time and it would be epic, but, perhaps he was not real. Or perhaps he did some research and decided to re value his values? Anyway, just wanted to explain to you what my desires are at this time, I want that dude to stand up and not be such a ninja. Can't we agree that all the alphabets need to find which men among them, regardless of rank or echelon, are the actually true good hearts?