Anonymous 05/01/2017 (Mon) 02:48:42 No. 1046 del
In wems 3 made in like August of last year it ended with a vitriolic rant by David carrico saying "WE are GOING TO HIT THIS THING AT THE SOURCE AND NOTHING COULD ANYMORE IDENTIFY THE SOURCE OF THIS THAN THIS FEAST THAT IS COMING UP" That from the video I took it from was a reference to samhain or a fall pagan feast. Coincidentally that aligned slightly with the infamous spirit cooking scandal. And that memetically puts it into another context entirely. Pizzagate from the instagram sleuthing to the secret society occultism is a memetically porous outlet and as such I have made great understandings to the source of the enemy. This is a continuation memetically to this effort of claiming that victory for the cross and truth. Memetically we can use pizzagate to expose these freaks.