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(128.30 KB 450x365 1458093707274-1.png)
(142.73 KB 350x448 1457754691474.jpg)
(1.60 MB 1600x1200 1457572268825-0.png)
(233.09 KB 450x656 1458093865423.jpg)
Trump meme Thread Anonymous 04/24/2016 (Sun) 20:29:44 Id: 45e73f [Preview] No. 909
Post the Emperor Trump memes here fam

Anonymous 04/24/2016 (Sun) 20:31:21 Id: 45e73f [Preview] No. 910 del
(42.17 KB 550x960 1455586900304.jpg)

Anonymous 04/24/2016 (Sun) 20:42:13 Id: 2e5789 [Preview] No. 914 del
(759.29 KB 1280x720 TrumpBible.webm)
(37.77 KB 1050x675 CdOcg7xXEAAG4L5.jpg)

Anonymous 04/24/2016 (Sun) 21:52:04 Id: a77295 [Preview] No. 918 del
(441.69 KB 935x1194 1641.jpg)
(558.55 KB 500x500 1451891099160-0.png)
(128.30 KB 450x365 1452808621510-2.png)
(1.40 MB 900x1286 1452833751139.png)
(818.42 KB 683x565 1452924058032.png)

Anonymous 04/24/2016 (Sun) 21:58:22 Id: a77295 [Preview] No. 919 del

I'm retarded pic 3 is in OP. Have more Trump then.

Anonymous 04/24/2016 (Sun) 22:01:15 Id: 2e5789 [Preview] No. 920 del

Anonymous 04/25/2016 (Mon) 01:40:56 Id: 45e73f [Preview] No. 942 del

Anonymous 04/25/2016 (Mon) 01:48:09 Id: 45e73f [Preview] No. 947 del
(130.33 KB 349x334 LqifkuA (3).png)
(861.35 KB 1600x1200 1456294892967.gif)

Anonymous 04/25/2016 (Mon) 04:19:40 Id: 4fe31d [Preview] No. 954 del

Upon consulting with the moderation team, we've decided to allow this thread to stay up provided that no anti Islamic comments are made and that no one is looking.this

Look, fellow members of GamerGate Revolt. I get that shitposting is fun, but with Airplay 3 coming up we just can't afford to build any more bad PR.

Anonymous 04/25/2016 (Mon) 06:48:05 Id: 634572 [Preview] No. 962 del

Anonymous 04/25/2016 (Mon) 21:14:01 Id: 17fe2c [Preview] No. 995 del

Anonymous 04/27/2016 (Wed) 00:41:37 Id: 45e73f [Preview] No. 1092 del
(50.35 KB 600x344 ChAlawaUcAAONCj.jpg)

Anonymous 05/03/2016 (Tue) 23:42:54 Id: 45e73f [Preview] No. 1752 del

Anonymous 05/05/2016 (Thu) 06:52:15 Id: 174dc7 [Preview] No. 1833 del
(2.18 MB 600x337 TrumpFirstDay.gif)

Anonymous 05/06/2016 (Fri) 03:51:39 Id: bd53a1 [Preview] No. 1854 del

Anonymous 05/06/2016 (Fri) 05:05:57 Id: 45e73f [Preview] No. 1858 del
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/7W9YWVQAIxM" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Anonymous 05/06/2016 (Fri) 05:17:30 Id: 45e73f [Preview] No. 1864 del
(37.92 KB 480x346 ChvYE6dUYAA2GdN.jpg)

Head_Janitor Anonymous 05/06/2016 (Fri) 16:03:54 Id: 7ad6ef [Preview] No. 1881 del
I like this video better

Anonymous 05/06/2016 (Fri) 23:34:24 Id: 45e73f [Preview] No. 1894 del

Anonymous 05/06/2016 (Fri) 23:37:38 Id: 45e73f [Preview] No. 1896 del
http://archive.is/lMy0J. Ran Paul endorses emperor trump

Anonymous 05/07/2016 (Sat) 00:05:40 Id: 45e73f [Preview] No. 1899 del

Anonymous 05/07/2016 (Sat) 03:17:21 Id: 45e73f [Preview] No. 1922 del

Anonymous 05/09/2016 (Mon) 23:49:27 Id: 2c2c70 [Preview] No. 2170 del
(797.77 KB 1000x2196 your fault.png)

Anonymous 05/09/2016 (Mon) 23:51:30 Id: 2c2c70 [Preview] No. 2172 del
(882.55 KB 1000x2711 your fault2.png)
(361.42 KB 996x1698 your fault 3.png)

Anonymous 05/10/2016 (Tue) 02:12:40 Id: c4d58a [Preview] No. 2194 del
(32.09 KB 700x486 tragedy_and_hope.jpg)
Carson for VP!

Anonymous 05/10/2016 (Tue) 21:02:09 Id: 8579f0 [Preview] No. 2256 del
https://www.instagram.com/p/BFPCtFfmhWB/ new commercial on shillary Benghazi by the emperor

Anonymous 05/10/2016 (Tue) 23:47:58 Id: 2e5789 [Preview] No. 2262 del
(88.50 KB 255x255 shiggu~.png)
>who cares that he wants america to stop getting fucked in the ass by mexico and china, ban Muslims from entering the country, and supports the 2A. He hates video games! #nevertrump!

Anonymous 05/11/2016 (Wed) 00:14:49 Id: 45e73f [Preview] No. 2263 del

Anonymous 05/11/2016 (Wed) 00:18:34 Id: 1aef84 [Preview] No. 2264 del
(389.24 KB 1280x992 1457997528244.jpg)
/v/ is full of cucks, what do you expect? They failed to do shit with GG, but Hulk Hogan fucked up Gawker single-handedly or can he say that he said "look, no hands?

Anonymous 05/11/2016 (Wed) 01:26:03 Id: 45e73f [Preview] No. 2265 del
(34.25 KB 600x370 CiIx1_8W0AA7eg9.jpg)

Anonymous 05/11/2016 (Wed) 01:40:39 Id: 1aef84 [Preview] No. 2266 del
(155.70 KB 540x720 1453503031692.jpg)

Anonymous 05/11/2016 (Wed) 03:34:48 Id: 2e5789 [Preview] No. 2267 del
(4.43 MB 318x360 1122.gif)
After tonight, trump will only need 99 more delegates to get to 1237.

Anonymous 05/11/2016 (Wed) 03:39:40 Id: 45e73f [Preview] No. 2268 del
(48.04 KB 599x317 CfJqqshUAAIlQBS.jpg)
1488 delegates is going to be a thing fam

Anonymous 05/11/2016 (Wed) 12:00:23 Id: 1b2383 [Preview] No. 2274 del
da fuck happened to her?

Anonymous 05/11/2016 (Wed) 15:21:51 Id: 3d4ece [Preview] No. 2278 del

Tried to steal Hillary's anal beads

Anonymous 05/11/2016 (Wed) 20:58:42 Id: ff0dd7 [Preview] No. 2290 del
>the overwhelming amount of violent crime in our major cities is committed by black and hispanics

but that's fucking true, they can't even argue with that.

>all niggers get deported

not gonna happen, but a man can dream can't he?

Anonymous 05/12/2016 (Thu) 04:44:26 Id: 45e73f [Preview] No. 2304 del
(244.35 KB 300x528 1457237823062.png)

Anonymous 05/13/2016 (Fri) 04:52:52 Id: 45e73f [Preview] No. 2453 del
(53.61 KB 512x512 Cg_4R8HWUAAd-hH.jpg)

Anonymous 05/13/2016 (Fri) 17:15:33 Id: 11600c [Preview] No. 2519 del
http://archive.is/Cr5z9. #never trump faggots on suicide watch

Anonymous 05/23/2016 (Mon) 20:12:45 Id: f6e3df [Preview] No. 3248 del

Anonymous 05/26/2016 (Thu) 05:06:38 Id: 45e73f [Preview] No. 3457 del
https://twitter.com/berniesanders/status/735689625407131648 the communist accepted the emperors challenge debate is on probability for next weekend

Anonymous 05/26/2016 (Thu) 21:06:10 Id: 4586a3 [Preview] No. 3487 del
It's happening lads he got the extra unbound delegates from north Dakota to get 1238

Anonymous 05/26/2016 (Thu) 21:24:04 [Preview] No. 3488 del
1488 SOON

Anonymous 05/27/2016 (Fri) 02:40:39 Id: 1aef84 [Preview] No. 3505 del
Good day for Trump!

Anonymous 06/03/2016 (Fri) 05:12:51 Id: dad81c [Preview] No. 3918 del

Anonymous 06/03/2016 (Fri) 06:27:42 Id: f4cae7 [Preview] No. 3924 del
Marxism promotes violence.

>It is our duty to fight for our freedom.
>It is our duty to win.
>We must love each other and support each other.
>We have nothing to lose but our chains
- Assata Shakur - Fugitive Cop Killer

Anonymous 06/05/2016 (Sun) 06:39:23 Id: 45e73f [Preview] No. 4038 del
(3.64 MB 428x241 mia maga.gif)
#MAGA also fam warning for the next two days


the Washington post going to attempt a sex scandal smear against emperor trump

Anonymous 06/06/2016 (Mon) 03:25:33 Id: 427cc2 [Preview] No. 4133 del
(196.09 KB 645x509 TrumpcucksBTFO.png)
My favorite Trump meme.

Anonymous 06/06/2016 (Mon) 06:42:10 Id: 45e73f [Preview] No. 4149 del

Anonymous 06/09/2016 (Thu) 02:23:18 Id: 45e73f [Preview] No. 4286 del
Trump clean swepps

Anonymous 06/14/2016 (Tue) 05:09:00 Id: 45e73f [Preview] No. 4709 del
(34.12 KB 620x1101 florida trump.png)

Anonymous 06/15/2016 (Wed) 16:36:50 Id: c41880 [Preview] No. 4755 del

Anonymous 06/15/2016 (Wed) 20:56:08 Id: 000c3e [Preview] No. 4776 del
>Paul Town delivers

Anonymous 06/15/2016 (Wed) 21:45:07 Id: f3c736 [Preview] No. 4783 del
Russians dropped this from the DNC hack

Anonymous 06/16/2016 (Thu) 04:45:32 Id: 45e73f [Preview] No. 4798 del

Anonymous 06/18/2016 (Sat) 01:26:49 Id: 45e73f [Preview] No. 4856 del
(95.81 KB 800x600 ClHOLilWYAA0SS2.jpg)

Anonymous 06/19/2016 (Sun) 05:45:09 Id: 45e73f [Preview] No. 4934 del
(68.33 KB 620x412 potus trump.jpg)

Anonymous 06/20/2016 (Mon) 03:48:07 Id: 45e73f [Preview] No. 4978 del
(982.61 KB 800x1200 ClSjk3BVYAQzKuc.png)
we got to make this mememagic real lads

Anonymous 06/20/2016 (Mon) 18:04:14 Id: f37d38 [Preview] No. 5006 del

Anonymous 06/27/2016 (Mon) 18:22:02 Id: 62ba7d [Preview] No. 5262 del
(61.85 KB 370x223 dvEzHF.png)
the undeleted parts were triggering me

Anonymous 07/01/2016 (Fri) 23:18:36 Id: 45e73f [Preview] No. 5328 del

Anonymous 07/02/2016 (Sat) 05:54:26 Id: 45e73f [Preview] No. 5341 del
(53.89 KB 600x397 Cjry9NMUkAAGwsi.jpg)

Anonymous 07/02/2016 (Sat) 07:33:14 Id: 4230ae [Preview] No. 5343 del
(377.36 KB 807x700 1466225991660-4.png)
(1.57 MB 1539x1600 1466217474462-1.png)
(714.88 KB 800x1112 1466198067135.png)
(129.78 KB 500x610 1466189787674-1.png)
(1.76 MB 1440x1080 1466188964335-0.png)

Anonymous 07/02/2016 (Sat) 16:31:22 Id: 45e73f [Preview] No. 5356 del

Anonymous 07/02/2016 (Sat) 19:37:43 Id: eb23d3 [Preview] No. 5364 del
It was deleted due to the controversy. Multiple news stories about.
Meanwhile $hillary was interviewed for 3.5 hours by the FBI today, no big deal.

Anonymous 07/02/2016 (Sat) 22:34:16 Id: 4230ae [Preview] No. 5369 del
(27.58 KB 659x718 rothschild.png)
>the red star of David
>Most corrupt candidate Ever
no kidding Goyim, and a good thing too. THAT EVIL DONALD TRUMP MUST BE STOPPED! He is literally anodder Hitler.

Anonymous 07/03/2016 (Sun) 18:11:14 Id: 45e73f [Preview] No. 5423 del

Anonymous 07/04/2016 (Mon) 19:00:42 Id: 45e73f [Preview] No. 5568 del
(196.86 KB 700x767 1467590498105-0.jpg)

Anonymous 07/14/2016 (Thu) 02:30:39 Id: 45e73f [Preview] No. 5976 del

Anonymous 07/14/2016 (Thu) 23:13:01 Id: 82c2c4 [Preview] No. 5987 del

Anonymous 07/14/2016 (Thu) 23:33:15 Id: 45e73f [Preview] No. 5988 del
Trumps post poned the VP pick for tomorrow due to France attack

Anonymous 07/16/2016 (Sat) 16:00:16 Id: 45e73f [Preview] No. 6053 del
(62.64 KB 599x672 1468340185371.jpg)

Anonymous 07/16/2016 (Sat) 18:25:24 Id: 45e73f [Preview] No. 6074 del
(1.40 MB 1200x675 1468556942406.png)

Anonymous 07/18/2016 (Mon) 23:25:04 Id: 45e73f [Preview] No. 6142 del

Anonymous 07/19/2016 (Tue) 17:13:12 [Preview] No. 6175 del
(498.99 KB 1453x2000 trump-6.jpg)
A. Wyatt Mann

Anonymous 07/21/2016 (Thu) 09:27:30 Id: c4572f [Preview] No. 6301 del
(1.10 MB 1200x750 1450066742718.png)
>Donald Trump inherited his wealth

Anonymous 07/22/2016 (Fri) 00:48:20 [Preview] No. 6342 del
(60.39 KB 600x600 trump-face.jpg)

Anonymous 07/23/2016 (Sat) 04:29:22 Id: 45e73f [Preview] No. 6446 del

Anonymous 07/25/2016 (Mon) 23:39:43 Id: 45e73f [Preview] No. 6559 del

Anonymous 07/26/2016 (Tue) 06:37:59 Id: 466bab [Preview] No. 6684 del
All Aboard the Cuck Train.

Anonymous 07/26/2016 (Tue) 16:37:25 Id: fe0d60 [Preview] No. 6697 del

Anonymous 07/26/2016 (Tue) 17:22:04 Id: 61d551 [Preview] No. 6701 del

Anonymous 07/26/2016 (Tue) 23:12:23 Id: 45e73f [Preview] No. 6706 del

Anonymous 07/27/2016 (Wed) 17:15:40 Id: 324436 [Preview] No. 6739 del

Anonymous 07/27/2016 (Wed) 19:41:56 Id: 12fa80 [Preview] No. 6749 del
(534.14 KB 845x482 trump kampf.png)
(((Google))) is so based.

Anonymous 07/27/2016 (Wed) 19:44:15 Id: 12fa80 [Preview] No. 6750 del
what am I looking at here...?

Anonymous 07/28/2016 (Thu) 19:08:00 Id: 1681d1 [Preview] No. 6775 del

Anonymous 07/29/2016 (Fri) 11:09:59 Id: 45e73f [Preview] No. 6796 del

Anonymous 08/01/2016 (Mon) 23:29:43 Id: 45e73f [Preview] No. 6996 del

Anonymous 08/04/2016 (Thu) 19:07:38 Id: 5e6cbf [Preview] No. 7296 del

Anonymous 08/04/2016 (Thu) 22:36:56 Id: 3d3b5c [Preview] No. 7304 del
(46.69 KB 426x389 dongald.jpg)

Anonymous 08/06/2016 (Sat) 03:49:10 Id: 45e73f [Preview] No. 7391 del
(21.92 KB 300x396 1469863854766.jpg)

Anonymous 08/08/2016 (Mon) 23:59:14 Id: 45e73f [Preview] No. 7577 del

Anonymous 08/09/2016 (Tue) 03:08:37 Id: dc4cc6 [Preview] No. 7597 del
Remove beurocrats? Is he killing himself?

Anonymous 08/10/2016 (Wed) 17:19:28 Id: 9aac82 [Preview] No. 7820 del
(186.94 KB 2396x738 1470775839672.jpg)

Anonymous 08/15/2016 (Mon) 06:12:55 Id: 45e73f [Preview] No. 8250 del
(438.12 KB 533x683 1471107855294.png)

Anonymous 08/22/2016 (Mon) 11:08:04 Id: 45e73f [Preview] No. 8582 del
(68.95 KB 639x486 1471202736843.jpg)

Anonymous 08/22/2016 (Mon) 18:57:00 Id: 6bbad6 [Preview] No. 8599 del
(440.33 KB 1023x1080 1367105272.png)
He attacks one of the few things that (((we))) care about and your just gonna ignore it!?



also by all means keep ignoring me it doesn't look suspicious AT ALL

Seriously though shills need to kill yourselves already. Your getting payed to brain wash little kitties. Normal REGULAR people have standards but good to see Republicans have hit an all time low.

Anonymous 08/22/2016 (Mon) 19:09:26 Id: 367e73 [Preview] No. 8601 del
(17.72 KB 255x195 1471882869336.jpg)

Anonymous 08/22/2016 (Mon) 19:14:42 Id: 62ba7d [Preview] No. 8603 del
>He attacks one of the few things that (((we))) care about and your just gonna ignore it!?
where did I ignore it, m8? Caring about his opinion on video games when there's more important things to worry about is retarded.

Also, your rampant avatarfaggotry and barely comprehensible posts are annoying the fuck out of me, man.

Anonymous 08/22/2016 (Mon) 19:35:12 Id: 7c2552 [Preview] No. 8604 del
(326.69 KB 633x692 1367100358.png)
just had to take the bait slowmo? :^)
20 shekel reduction for the bad goy
>Caring about his opinion on video games when there's more important things to worry about

>barely comprehensible posts
You seemed able to comprehend it just fine

> annoying the fuck out of me
and you faggots shilling all over the chans is annoying the fuck out of me.

IF (and that's big fat fucking if)
Trump were to become president I don't want him using (ME) as some scapegoat to bolster his popularity.



Its so the lurkers know the real autis from the fakers ;)

Anonymous 08/22/2016 (Mon) 19:54:23 Id: 62ba7d [Preview] No. 8605 del
(402.46 KB 1280x720 no.jpg)
How is me saying "Trump's opinion on video games is unimportant" the same as saying "don't talk about sjws and sargon"?

>You seemed able to comprehend it just fine

Anonymous 08/22/2016 (Mon) 21:58:42 Id: 2aa36d [Preview] No. 8612 del
(325.48 KB 760x881 1367107945.png)
Damn son you sure made me look stupid :0 and I thought I was doing a good job on my own.

> "don't talk about sjws and sargon"
way to put words in my mouth faggot what I'm saying its a BIT weird that for guys who claim to fight corruption you seem a little too bias.
I'm just saying it a BIT weird

Don't say anything bad about trump. The shilly story for good goys. DEFINITELY NOT HUGBOX. :^)

>That picture
OH boy its /AM/ So you decided to actually do some work instead of getting payed to shitpost and make your cancer chan look like it generates traffic.

Anonymous 08/22/2016 (Mon) 22:15:13 Id: 9ca3da [Preview] No. 8614 del
(633.15 KB 1145x918 1367104768.png)
forgive me kitties I have real autism and I don't always get it right

Anonymous 08/22/2016 (Mon) 22:31:49 Id: 58a11e [Preview] No. 8616 del
(1.95 MB 304x376 ayydance.gif)
/Am/ representative here

I don't mind what you're doing

I like how you say 'kitties' instead of 'kiddies'

But if you shit-talk my board again I'm gonna steal lainposting from you

Anonymous 08/22/2016 (Mon) 23:30:20 Id: 0881f9 [Preview] No. 8623 del
im /AM/

Anonymous 08/22/2016 (Mon) 23:37:48 Id: 894bf8 [Preview] No. 8625 del
>I don't mind what you're doing
huh that's a first.....
>I like how you say 'kitties' instead of 'kiddies'
you would have loved when I saying dame instead of damn
I didn't realize how retarded I was until my friend asked me about it. Had a good laugh about it though.
>I'm gonna steal lainposting from you
>Implying that's not exactly what I want so other anons will succumb to lain.


Anonymous 08/23/2016 (Tue) 02:09:35 Id: 45e73f [Preview] No. 8630 del
(72.40 KB 653x391 CpOY-5-UAAEAPvd.jpg)

Anonymous 08/23/2016 (Tue) 03:36:35 Id: 596966 [Preview] No. 8634 del


Anonymous 08/23/2016 (Tue) 10:50:07 Id: 997d58 [Preview] No. 8649 del
/aM/bassador here

I don't mind what you're doing

I like how you say in lines instead of in chunks

But if you represent my board again I'm gonna steal your posting from you

Anonymous 08/23/2016 (Tue) 14:29:25 Id: a91833 [Preview] No. 8652 del
(5.08 MB 2510x1409 soon.png)
(1.74 MB 450x450 1469244654764.gif)
(49.60 KB 478x721 1469245274567-1.jpg)

Anonymous 08/23/2016 (Tue) 15:57:35 Id: 8a14f5 [Preview] No. 8654 del
>The polling numbers being shown on the Mainstream Media are totally False
That's very nice of you. Most people try to hide their confirmation bias at least a little bit.

very nice. I'm using it.

Anonymous 08/23/2016 (Tue) 16:16:26 Id: 6bbad6 [Preview] No. 8655 del
(27.79 KB 920x498 GuessWho;^).PNG)

>clearly browse freechan /intl/
Good one /intl/ whats the matter your hugbox not feeling safe anymore?

>like how you say in lines instead of in chunks
Well now I'm just gonna post in chunks just to spite you.


Really now for a broad that claims all your bullshit was about free speech and bantz your guys sure are piss poor at it.
tbh smh fam

Anonymous 08/23/2016 (Tue) 16:27:39 Id: 6bbad6 [Preview] No. 8656 del

WEW LOLDY I'm fucking retarded

Anonymous 08/23/2016 (Tue) 16:33:32 Id: 6bbad6 [Preview] No. 8657 del
(32.26 KB 830x922 IamNoise.PNG)
forgot pic
off my game today maybe I should take my meds....nah.

Anonymous 09/16/2016 (Fri) 13:41:38 Id: 5795db [Preview] No. 9669 del
(99.42 KB 800x1174 solanin-954304.jpg)
found an especially rare White Supremacy frog

sorry for offtopic

Anonymous 09/16/2016 (Fri) 14:14:38 Id: 852748 [Preview] No. 9670 del
(1.55 MB 498x372 2.gif)
>sorry for offtopic
I don't think anyone will care, tbh. This whole board's been off-topic for awhile now.

Anonymous 09/18/2016 (Sun) 08:18:07 Id: 45e73f [Preview] No. 9802 del
(152.26 KB 401x600 Csk9x5rVMAAD9lx.png)

Anonymous 09/21/2016 (Wed) 01:20:57 Id: 596966 [Preview] No. 10018 del
(48.72 KB 100x100 Dance!!.gif)

Anonymous 10/09/2016 (Sun) 06:22:47 Id: bf0d98 [Preview] No. 11220 del
(178.89 KB 1200x859 grablifepussy.jpg)
(387.51 KB 600x400 maga.png)
(25.53 KB 300x168 pussytrump.jpg)
(44.29 KB 600x332 trumpanime.jpg)
(42.04 KB 612x612 trumpcat.jpg)

Anonymous 10/20/2016 (Thu) 00:06:29 Id: 45e73f [Preview] No. 11586 del
(73.13 KB 639x299 CvGwSbEWIAAYDQZ.jpg)

Anonymous 10/21/2016 (Fri) 02:09:32 Id: 45e73f [Preview] No. 11616 del
(215.16 KB 1200x1200 CuXwS5kWgAAI3rx.jpg)

Anonymous 10/22/2016 (Sat) 11:04:33 Id: 45e73f [Preview] No. 11625 del

Are you a fan of a lovely dog? Wearing this shirt, your wise dog can still be by your side everywhere. Order it now! Anonymous 11/19/2016 (Sat) 16:43:23 Id: a19a4d [Preview] No. 11819 del
<b>Are you a fan of a lovely dog? Wearing this shirt, your wise dog can still be by your side everywhere. Order it now!
[Edit: the fuck kind of spam is this?]

Edited last time by Head_Janitor on 11/19/2016 (Sat) 22:16:56.

Anonymous 12/29/2016 (Thu) 09:33:38 Id: c86e7a [Preview] No. 13051 del
(300.00 KB 1200x957 C0FAi3NUsAAEe0q.jpg)

Anonymous 01/01/2017 (Sun) 05:53:24 Id: c86e7a [Preview] No. 13586 del
(97.33 KB 768x492 C1D2SsLVEAIn1UJ.jpg)

Anonymous 01/01/2017 (Sun) 07:43:25 Id: c86e7a [Preview] No. 13608 del
(128.42 KB 1200x1200 Cz0sMnxUUAApNY4.jpg)

Anonymous 01/15/2017 (Sun) 18:04:33 Id: c86e7a [Preview] No. 15130 del
(240.17 KB 1024x734 CzfYp7RWgAAEISy.jpg)

Anonymous 01/18/2017 (Wed) 02:10:45 Id: bc13cd [Preview] No. 15459 del
(113.87 KB 1024x683 torille.jpg)
SUOMI !!!!

Anonymous 01/20/2017 (Fri) 21:40:39 Id: 69e278 [Preview] No. 15703 del
(30.83 KB 343x432 1484932905173.jpg)
(87.05 KB 480x480 1484935104318.jpg)
(68.76 KB 720x720 1484934340226.jpg)

Anonymous 05/21/2017 (Sun) 19:55:58 Id: 7fe456 [Preview] No. 17175 del
(379.87 KB 592x664 1495044677709.png)
>board full of literal faggots worshiping Tribulation Trump
Not even surprised. I hope all the muslims Trump brought in behead you queers first.

Anonymous 05/21/2017 (Sun) 22:47:48 Id: 5b6fc4 [Preview] No. 17181 del
I can not wait until people understand that this is masonic so then these freaks get to be put into centers lol.

No cool meme person no cool person or even loser or dweeb no demographic aside from freemasons would even understand this.

At no point does a young person look at trump and see a fellow alpha male it is a kikey old fuck kiking for jews that can not openly kike out. And masons Jews and masons are responsible for this abomination. This disgrace of ethic. Le hitler kill me meme that is what this is celebrating the execution of yourself and your country for a satanic fake prophecy to start a world system of blackmail control. Fuck you and fuck pepe not kek fuck pepe for being even more of a pushover than wojak and laying down as the mason pulled the skin of pepe over its face and called himself kek.

Literally the only thing stopping mass unrest is the idea that Jim Watkins is only a boomer not an evil freemason. Theoretically hypothetically and possibly jim watkins is the key person of interest for helping this assault on the media campaign of electing this unqualified candidate. However we have to think because he is a mason that is a good thing. That that could never be abused even if they swear to do nothing but abuse they can not abuse because the founding fathers etc. If you look at jim and understand how he is the missing peice of collusion and even stratigically placed out of the way then this masonic theory makes sense. It does make sense but we are not allowed to think it makes sense. We have to pretend its a boys club. Its mar a lago everything is fine. No freemasons have used the youth and baited them to fight the power by making them a demographic that is hated the alt right and then using that as a counterculture to boost this. Its masonic its not real. That is real.

Anonymous 05/22/2017 (Mon) 01:19:52 Id: 530ee7 [Preview] No. 17185 del

Oh it's the lord of full retard the masonnigger. Maybe there's a good reason the lodge doesn't take in retards like you.

Anonymous 05/22/2017 (Mon) 06:39:53 Id: 3fb129 [Preview] No. 17188 del
>puts faith in man(cokehead)
>gets cucked by Saudis and fags

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