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fat faggot gets shitcanned Anonymous 08/12/2017 (Sat) 16:52:25 Id: fff708 [Preview] No. 18351
>Destructoid is being purged of liberal garbage by an /ourguy/ at the top
please tell me this is true

btw, I always despised Whitaker and am overjoyed he finally got something shoved up his ass that he couldn't handle.
yes, I'm just finding out about this because I hardly give a shit anymore, but this is a treasure

Anonymous 08/12/2017 (Sat) 23:07:52 Id: 3f22c1 [Preview] No. 18361 del
Isn't he the guy who rated a fanservice game 2/10 because he's a literal fag and a SJW?

Anonymous 08/12/2017 (Sat) 23:17:00 Id: 3f22c1 [Preview] No. 18362 del
I checked, and yes, he is:


Choke on a dick and die you fat fuck.

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