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(2.16 KB 259x194 download.jpg)
The Jim Watkins Internet Defense Force Anonymous 07/24/2017 (Mon) 06:59:42 Id: e2001d [Preview] No. 18152
In which an 8gag bo outs themself and tries to unirionically defend Watkins. For FREE

I know there is Alot going on with the big leaks coming today but holy shit.


This fucking thread is a God damn tism gold mine and I fell over laughing trying to read this.

The meme value is amazing I don't even know why this is so fucking funny but it is. My God how far 8chan fell and how fast that has to be a world record for social media failure.

Mister metokour really really ought to consider doing one more video summarizing 8chans implosion because it's amazing if nothing else.

Anonymous 07/24/2017 (Mon) 07:01:32 Id: e2001d [Preview] No. 18153 del
(194.24 KB 1024x894 1500038439635m.jpg)
One bump some random thing I had lying around

Anonymous 07/24/2017 (Mon) 11:34:00 Id: 45a628 [Preview] No. 18155 del
(943.66 KB 264x320 1499785810525.gif)
(204.78 KB 1280x720 1421931067960.jpg)
(454.96 KB 810x688 1471033851391.png)
>Yet another tech illiterate screeching about things he does not understand. Go look at the implementation of IP hashing yourself; IPs don't touch the database. They can't be leaked.

IPs got leaked from the database twice. Holy fuck what a dumb nigger. I wouldn't be surprised if that was Ronjon himself posting as anon.

>Unironically using emoticons

It really is Redditchan.

>Welcome to 8chan, newfag. Anyone can own a board if it's not illegal. This isn't a hugbox and 8chan administration DOES NOT protect your feelings. The 8chan has given you many alternatives to the captcha as well, such as early 404. Ask your board owner to enable them.

Yeah, lets just pretend there isn't any collusion going on behind the scenes that snuffs out any and all alt boards. Your idea of 'freedom' doesn't exist.

>And you think /pol/ isn't a "terrorist organization"? Look at what they're doing. They're releasing the dox of journalists, harassing them, etc. But you never do bring up /baphomet/ when you actually talk about "terrorist organizations" because they're on your side. /baphomet/ actually has been investigated by the feds. Go look at FOIA. By your standards /pol/ is exactly what you are calling AntiFa. I don't like them, and I don't support them, but they're entitled a board here, just like /pol/ and /baphomet/ because they aren't breaking US law.

Hey goys, remember that time /pol/ set cities on fire, got innocent people fired for their opinions, broke into people's homes and businesses to assault them and beat college professors half to death? Those were some totes epic times /b/ros.

>No. If you don't like how a board is being ran, make your own goddamned board. Fuck the dud for crippling freedoms just like his legs.

What even.

>Odilitime is actually cleaning up Ron and Jim's mess

Well shit son, I didn't even realize that.


This whole post, holy shit.

>Muh RonJim gives us such a wonderful free gift and asks nothing in return

Getting really sick of this argument. You want your data mined info sold like a product? Fine. Be a cuck. Don't bitch when other people pull the wool from their eyes and decide Jim's an asshole.

>Yes, the evil antifa people are going to come get me. Could care less. I only associate with them ironically.

8chan is without a doubt coopted by SRS now. We warned these faggots about them in the beginning and how the hijack communities. All they did was shout goons like autists and paid no attention to the red flags.

Anonymous 07/24/2017 (Mon) 11:35:27 Id: 45a628 [Preview] No. 18156 del
(149.99 KB 500x516 1500568513561.png)
It's actually painful for me to look at 8chan these days. All the people that made it live are gone and now it's just a rotting corpse of Redditfags GG brought in. Nackt and the others were right when they said to transcend GG unless they wanna become another 7chan. It's exactly what they became. Moot banned GGology, they left, went to another chan and set up shop, Vivian/maskfagged there, burned out and left when shit got hijacked. The only difference is ecelebs didn't latch onto Chanology or 7chan and 7chan didn't have a 'savior' to put them on permanent life support. If it weren't for 'based' Jim cheating the dud out of his site, 8chan would be dead all the same. I know they call it InfiniteChan, but that 8 just cements that it's the sequel to 7chan.

If anything they're worse. 7channer were in their own era. 8channers were always like that little brother who tried to act like their older siblings to be cool. Fuck if they knew why they did things, they just did it because they thought it was cool. And that's exactly what 8chan's culture is. And to make it worse, they have no problems being datamined or having the FBI up their ass. That further proves they're not imageboard natives.

They were a group of outcasts who tried to act like oldfags who got further poisoned by Redditfags who had no idea how imageboards worked or where the memes they spammed came from and way. They were culture void of history. It's like two cavemen holding their huntings on stone wheels turned sideways instead of using the wheels to make a cart to transport the killings.

They're all confused pompous newfags.

Anonymous 07/24/2017 (Mon) 13:07:42 Id: d7a4c1 [Preview] No. 18157 del

Are you people surprised? That thread you linked is fucking nothing, did you see the thread that was made back during the April 1st hack?
Now THAT was cancerous.
Heres the archive of it, a nice reminder of what real cancer looks like: h ttp://archive.is/9nes2

At this point, i am not sure if the oldfags/good users all really left or if a good amount of them became cancerous too. If most did leave, then it seems that most of them have out-right left imageboards all together.
Thats what i did, for the most part.

Anonymous 07/24/2017 (Mon) 16:43:49 Id: 2c2c05 [Preview] No. 18158 del
Lol check again http://8ch.net/sudo/res/42627.html
>Jim Watkins is a great man and a public servant
>This is what 8chan board owners actually believe

It's insane. Thanks for that archive though it's pretty ebin

Anonymous 07/24/2017 (Mon) 17:25:03 Id: 27c3da [Preview] No. 18160 del
Ahahahahhahaa holy shit

This is amazing


It has never been a secret that Odilitime was maintaining the 8chan archive. He even writes that he is the maintainer of 8chan's archive on his personal website, his patreon, and even the about section of archive.8ch.net.
If I remember this correctly, 8chan's archive was being hosted on https://8archive.moe since before endchan even existed. We moved the archive from https://8archive.moe to https://archive.8ch.net a few months ago to help bring more traffic into 8chan.
Odilitime, even up to now, is one of the more prolific 8chan coders/maintainers and still sends patches and code for new features.

Now they are kvecthing over the fact that odili had to bail their asses out and Ron had to fucking defend that shit.

Oh my God this thread keeps on giving

Anonymous 07/24/2017 (Mon) 18:50:20 Id: 45a628 [Preview] No. 18161 del
(38.79 KB 422x480 1500748168662.jpg)
>Endchan is literally run by intl goons and filled with people who have actively tried to destroy this site.

Well damn son, you'd think he would back up any of that?

>For fucks sake the hacker was using it to dump his shit last time and they had a big party over it.

No shit. Probably because your 'free' open imageboard was full of collusion behind the curtains that actively tried to destroy us before out board even existed. Last time I checked the only two boards here that had threads about it was here and /tech/.

>And yet the lead guy of that place is in charge of 8archive which is currently full of cp.

And who's fault is that?

>Why is he so shit he need intl goons to code for him?

Yeah, just keep devaluing the word Goons like women devalue the word Rape. See what happens.

>because he and his site ARE the COMPETITION, and 8ch already has a devteam of it's own.

Wow, 8cucks are pretty desperate when they consider this little ol site a threat to them. Always nice to see the users finally turn on them though.

Anonymous 07/24/2017 (Mon) 19:48:27 Id: 52f141 [Preview] No. 18163 del
>Anyone can own a board if it's not illegal
That's why they refused to give /ggrevolt/ back after giving it away even though it was still being maintained.

Anonymous 07/25/2017 (Tue) 07:12:27 Id: fcf77a [Preview] No. 18179 del
That thread is astounding notice that now that gook monkey is caught in a lie suddenly the sage spam starts

Anonymous 07/25/2017 (Tue) 08:14:07 Id: 45a628 [Preview] No. 18180 del
(29.22 KB 540x401 1437263025659-0.jpeg)
>You have no proof of any wrongdoing or any reason to be concerned.

Holy shit, they're actually pulling a KGB style 'everything's fine' style counter dissent.

>Muh /pol/
>Muh Exodus
>Muh tech illiterate
>Muh personal vendetta against Ron/Jim
>Muh not Ron/Jim's fault
>Muh you're not helping don't complain
>Muh free service Jim gives us
>Muh attacking other chans to deflect
>Muh sunshine encryption/everything's fine
>Muh fear mongering disinfo
>Muh samefag
>Muh X shills
>Muh no proofs
>Muh cuckchan
>Muh trolls
>Muh DryBegs

Son of a whore, I'd like to say they've pulled every diverted excuse out of their ass, but I know they can keep going. They do this because they have no arguments. Someone post the screen shots and links to actual evidence that 8chan has been hacked.

Hell, they damn well know its been hacked. I mean, the fucking thread is still in our catalogue for God's sake. BOs got not only doxed but had their FUCKING IPS LEAKED which is what these niggers are denying and on top of that countless users were exposed and only some were spared at the mercy of the hacker who said the hack was so easy a caveman could do it.

That's some expert site administration kike monkey. Are you smashing the keyboard against the desk hoping something works or just popping pills and forgetting you have work to do like pig farmer and the dud?

These people aren't just in denial. This is advanced denial. This is mental illness levels of denial to the point you can't feel sorry for them.

Anonymous 07/25/2017 (Tue) 21:50:35 Id: a43239 [Preview] No. 18182 del
...Have you ever considered that the hack was intentional? That they all know very well what they are doing?

Anonymous 07/26/2017 (Wed) 18:36:28 Id: 45a628 [Preview] No. 18198 del
(371.88 KB 600x795 1500576864675.png)
Noticed how we have been getting a lot of topics posted since I said that 8chan getting hacked was still in our catalog?


Just in case it turns out to be a bunch of sliders who's afraid of the past biting them in the ass.

Anonymous 09/12/2017 (Tue) 11:21:56 Id: c006b8 [Preview] No. 18553 del
They did the same thing to /mlp/ (and handed it to actual goons even) when they found he was one of you lot, so there's definitely (((some collusion))) somewhere.

...Hey, Mark, did anyone from EA promise to give you a bonus recently?

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