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BREAKING: SETH RICH COVERUP CONFIRMED Anonymous 05/16/2017 (Tue) 04:19:36 Id: e81f8d [Preview] No. 17071
>Rich was shot and killed last July in Northwest D.C and police have suggested the killing in the District's Bloomingdale neighborhood was a botched robbery. However, online conspiracy theories have tied the murder to Rich's work at the DNC.
>Just two months shy of the one-year anniversary of Rich's death, FOX 5 has learned there is new information that could prove these theorists right.
>Rod Wheeler, a private investigator hired by the Rich family, suggests there is tangible evidence on Rich's laptop that confirms he was communicating with WikiLeaks prior to his death.
>Now, questions have been raised on why D.C. police, the lead agency on this murder investigation for the past ten months, have insisted this was a robbery gone bad when there appears to be no evidence to suggest that.
>Wheeler, a former D.C. police homicide detective, is running a parallel investigation into Rich’s murder. Wheeler said he believes there is a cover-up and the police department has been told to back down from the investigation.
>"The police department nor the FBI have been forthcoming,” said Wheeler. “They haven't been cooperating at all. I believe that the answer to solving his death lies on that computer, which I believe is either at the police department or either at the FBI. I have been told both.”
>When we asked Wheeler if his sources have told him there is information that links Rich to Wikileaks, he said, “Absolutely. Yeah. That's confirmed."
>Wheeler also told us, "I have a source inside the police department that has looked at me straight in the eye and said, ‘Rod, we were told to stand down on this case and I can’t share any information with you.’ Now, that is highly unusual for a murder investigation, especially from a police department. Again, I don’t think it comes from the chief’s office, but I do believe there is a correlation between the mayor's office and the DNC and that is the information that will come out [Tuesday].
A full report with the new details will air Tuesday morning on FOX News.
archive. is/RqZKp
fox5dc. com /news/local-news/254852337-story

Anonymous 05/16/2017 (Tue) 17:33:00 Id: 969c72 [Preview] No. 17077 del
The kike medias trying to memory hole this. Hopefully more info comes out

Anonymous 05/16/2017 (Tue) 17:48:08 Id: a5d9a5 [Preview] No. 17078 del
Hillary's people murder a whistle-blower - complete MSM blackout

Trump said "pussy" in an 11 year tape - GIANT scandal!

MSM journalists all deserve free helicopter rides.

Anonymous 05/17/2017 (Wed) 00:20:26 Id: 994580 [Preview] No. 17082 del

Stream about it

https://youtube.com/watch?v=xRGzXOB28MM [Embed]

Anonymous 05/17/2017 (Wed) 01:45:11 Id: 745f73 [Preview] No. 17088 del
They tried to break these mother fuckers.

Anonymous 05/17/2017 (Wed) 15:39:49 Id: 1444bb [Preview] No. 17092 del

The guy's a monster, but what high ranking democrat isn't these days?

Anonymous 05/17/2017 (Wed) 16:27:08 Id: bfe97f [Preview] No. 17095 del
It is one thing to speak of rats in some sack being made to fight. But it is another to poke your head in and see that fight. And yet, what else shall happen when truth rises in such a furious manner?

Anonymous 05/17/2017 (Wed) 19:50:05 Id: 6444d1 [Preview] No. 17099 del
There's definitely something fishy here, but I'm not jumping on the DNC had him murdered train until either more evidence is released, or evidence is withheld from the public

Anonymous 05/17/2017 (Wed) 23:01:27 Id: c7d0c5 [Preview] No. 17100 del
in b4 john makes this thread about the grape niggers

Anonymous 05/17/2017 (Wed) 23:15:36 Id: e81f8d [Preview] No. 17102 del
(8.12 MB 634x360 seth video.mp4)
video on the report

Anonymous 05/17/2017 (Wed) 23:40:30 Id: e81f8d [Preview] No. 17103 del
(8.64 MB 320x180 WHEELER VID.webm)
PI niggers take

Anonymous 05/17/2017 (Wed) 23:41:41 Id: e81f8d [Preview] No. 17104 del
(6.46 MB 320x180 hanity wheeler.webm)
on hannidy

Anonymous 05/18/2017 (Thu) 03:03:28 Id: 994580 [Preview] No. 17109 del

yes lol dubs of truth here :)

Anonymous 05/18/2017 (Thu) 06:26:10 Id: e81f8d [Preview] No. 17112 del
>dug a little more idk if anything rings a bell
>Registrant Name: Glenn Selig
>Registrant Organization: selig multimedia
>Registrant Street: 3903 Northdale Blvd
>Registrant Street: Suite 150W
>Registrant City: Tampa
>Registrant State/Province: Florida
>Registrant Postal Code: 33624
>Registrant Country: US
>Registrant Phone: +1.8137081220
>Registrant Phone Ext:
>Registrant Fax:
>Registrant Fax Ext:
>Registrant Email: donna@seligmultimedia.com
MX info
https: / / mxtoolbox.com/SuperTool.aspx?action=mx%3aseligmultimedia.com&run=toolpage
>0 seligmultimedia-com.mail.protection.outlook.com [United States] Boydton, Virginia US Microsoft Corporation (AS8075)
https: // duckduckgo.com/?t=disconnect&x=%2Fhtml&q=Boydton%2C+Virginia+US&ia=web
Does Boydton, Va ring any bells?
https :// whois.arin.net/rest/net/NET-216-32-180-0-1/pft?s=
>Organization Microsoft Corporation (MSFT)
M$ ip space - exchange cloud email provider?
https: / /www.shodan.io/host/
http:// www. seligmultimedia.com/
>You made the Tampa Bay Book of Lists: What good is it, if you don’t promote it? Published on 2017-01-17
> Selig Multimedia, Inc., parent of The Publicity Agency and PR NewsChannel, named to ‘Tampa Bay Business Journal’ list of Top 25 largest PR firms Published on 2017-01-11
>5 content marketing ideas for press releases Published on 2017-01-02
>Crisis management expert Glenn Selig comments featured in Us Weekly cover story on Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt split Published on 2016-10-05
> 6 content marketing tips for small business Published on 2016-08-11
>4 things large companies do right with content marketing Published on 2016-08-09
>Send a press release: Never been easier than with PR NewsChannel’s new online shop Published on 2016-05-27
>For law firm marketing, savvy attorneys do this Published on 2016-05-23
>Power publicist comments on Donald Trump apparently pretending to be his own publicist in 1991, but denying it now Published on 2016-05-13
>The GOP, Donald Trump feud explained Published on 2016-05-11
https:// archive. fo/5QjHM
>Reverse IP results for
>There are 2,900,027 domains hosted on this server.
>The first 1000 of these are listed below.
https://www. shodan.io/host/
>City Mountain View
>Country United States
>Organization Google Cloud
>ISP Google Cloud
>Last Update 2017-05-18T03:15:22.901201
>ASN AS15169
cpanel verify
https: // verify.cpanel.net/index.cgi?ip= expired it's cpanel license in march and shodan says the server is now on google cloud (I think GoDaddy is the DNS but since the end of March it's been hosted via wix on google cloud)
>1 BUYCPANEL-EXTERNAL-VPS Control Panel Solutions, Inc. active on 2017-03-28 15:41:53 cPanel/WHM expired on 2017-03-28 15:53:13 N/A
>2 BUYCPANEL-EXTERNAL-VPS Control Panel Solutions, Inc. active on 2016-12-10 18:09:26 cPanel/WHM expired on 2016-12-15 12:07:08 N/A
https: // whois.arin.net/rest/net/NET-23-236-48-0-1/pft?s=
https :// web.archive.org/web/*/whokilledseth.com (didn't go through much there)
domains registered to donna@seligmultimedia.com
https: // whoisology.com/email/donna%40seligmultimedia.com/1

Anonymous 05/18/2017 (Thu) 06:26:35 Id: e81f8d [Preview] No. 17113 del
Cross referencing SEIU members with hospital employees will likely find some good leads.

Anonymous 05/18/2017 (Thu) 06:27:11 Id: e81f8d [Preview] No. 17114 del
Registrant Contact
Glenn Selig
selig multimedia
3903 Northdale Blvd
Suite 150W
Postal Code:
Administrative Contact
Glenn Selig
selig multimedia
3903 Northdale Blvd
Suite 150W
Postal Code:

Anonymous 05/18/2017 (Thu) 14:34:21 Id: 1444bb [Preview] No. 17115 del
(137.59 KB 1024x439 xlarge.jpg)

To be frank, I wouldn't be surprised if the DNC or some high ranking democrat pulled strings and got Seth killed.

And, this is an unconfirmed post but if it turns out to be true, I really hope some heads roll for it.


Anonymous 05/20/2017 (Sat) 00:44:19 Id: e81f8d [Preview] No. 17138 del
(905.61 KB 1200x400 SETHBOX.webm)

Anonymous 05/20/2017 (Sat) 00:44:56 Id: e81f8d [Preview] No. 17139 del
>Glen Seligs agency.
>Jack Burkman, GOP Strategist and Radio Talk Show Host
need to dox thepublicityagency.com and Jack Burkman. He is a "never trumper" who is pushing the "muh rusha" narrative:
http: // www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2017/05/16/the-big-money-pr-war-over-seth-richs-death
https : //archive.fo/rdrkG (this has never been archive.fo'd)
>The Big-Money PR War Over Seth Rich’s Death
>Two competing lobbyists have been waging major PR campaigns over Seth Rich's murder. Today, it blew up.
>Ben Collins (maybe we can find out more about when he knows)?
>Citing a former Fox News contributor-turned-private-eye, a local Fox station reported that slain DNC staffer Seth Rich was “communicating with WikiLeaks prior to his death” and it could be proven with “tangible evidence on Rich's laptop.”
>But a spokesman for Rich’s family said there’s a gaping hole in the Fox 5 D.C.’s report: That private investigator, Rod Wheeler, doesn’t have access to Rich’s laptop.
>“We know where Seth’s personal computer is. We know where his DNC computer is. Neither [Rod Wheeler] nor anybody else has it,” Brad Bauman, who is representing the Rich family, told The Daily Beast.
>Rich was murdered shortly after 4 a.m. a block away from his home in July of last year. His work as a Democratic National Committee staffer—during an election cycle in which his employer was hacked—fueled conspiracy theories from the far right. Until Tuesday, those theories were mostly relegated to websites like InfoWars and 4chan, but Fox News brought those conspiracies to the mainstream after Wheeler’s claims on Tuesday.
>The WikiLeaks claim, which trended on Twitter most of Tuesday and reached Fox News’ national telecast and website, is the latest in a war between two political consultants on opposite sides of the aisle to frame Rich’s death as part of a larger global conspiracy, according to the family’s spokesperson.
>One, spearheaded by a “Never Trump” Republican named Jack Burkman, alleges Rich’s death was perpetrated by the Russian government.
>Wheeler, a Fox News contributor whom the family said is funded by a pro-Trump Breitbart writer, spread the other conspiracy—that Rich’s death was tied to a communication with WikiLeaks for which he did not provide evidence of its existence.

Anonymous 05/20/2017 (Sat) 00:45:10 Id: e81f8d [Preview] No. 17140 del
>Both have been given permission by the family to conduct independent investigations, but were not paid by the family, as other outlets reported, said Bauman.
>“There is one overwhelming fact in this entire thing every few months: There are people who continuously use Seth Rich and his murder to further their political goals,” said Bauman. “It’s my hope those people get what’s coming to them.”
>Fox 5 D.C. reported that Wheeler had been “hired by the Rich family.” Bauman said that this also “isn’t true,” and that Wheeler was entirely independently funded. Bauman then claimed Wheeler had been hired by Ed Butowsky, a Dallas-based, pro-Trump wealth manager who regularly appears on Fox Business and writes about the economy for Breitbart.
>The Daily Beast reached out to Butowsky for comment, but he didn’t respond at press time. He told MSNBC that “I didn’t pay anybody. I didn’t hire anybody” on Tuesday afternoon.
>For his part, Wheeler once appeared on The O’Reilly Factor to report on a “national underground network” of “violent lesbian gangs” in 2007. The Southern Poverty Law Center criticized the segment for fabricating nonexistent gangs of women who were “forcibly indoctrinating children as young as 10” to become lesbians.
Get The Beast In Your Inbox!
Daily Digest
>Still, the far right seized on Wheeler’s story Tuesday that Rich was “absolutely” linked to WikiLeaks before his murder last July. While President Trump’s accidental leak of confidential information to Russia took over the front pages of most mainstream news sites, Fox News ran a story titled “Slain DNC Staffer Had Contact With WikiLeaks, Say Multiple Sources.” The story’s broader implication is that Rich was murdered for providing emails to WikiLeaks.

Anonymous 05/20/2017 (Sat) 00:45:30 Id: e81f8d [Preview] No. 17141 del
And there is this
This article suggests bernie staff had hacked or were taking advantage of some "glitch" to see "proprietary" HRC campaign data. When was Seth killed and was this before he was killed?
http s: /archive.fo/JXz34
https:// www.theguardian.com/us-news/2015/dec/19/democratic-debate-bernie-sanders-hillary-clinton-dnc-voter-file
>The drama started on Wednesday morning, when several Sanders campaign staffers discovered that due to a software glitch in the voter file shared by all Democratic presidential campaigns, they could see proprietary data of the Clinton campaign.
>The staffers started exploring. In particular, they looked at the support scores the Clinton campaign had compiled in different states. This is proprietary information generated when a campaign, based on polling, modeling and demographic data, estimates the likelihood of a given voter’s support.
>The Sanders staffers said that they were only looking at the information in order to test the vulnerabilities of the system. The DNC and the Clinton campaign insisted they were looking to take advantage of the glitch.
I remember one of the DNC primary debates, late at night (still 3 ppl in it) Bernie and Killary were going on and on about hacking and databases.
https: // archive.fo/oDnu7 (never archived before)
https:// www. theguardian.com/us-news/2015/dec/18/bernie-sanders-set-to-sue-democratic-national-committee-over-data-access
>Bernie Sanders is suing the Democratic party for $600,000 a day in damages, claiming it breached its contract with the campaign by dramatically removing all access to crucial voter records just weeks before the Iowa caucus.
>A copy of the lawsuit filed with a federal court in Washington reveals that the agreement to use a shared computer system for voter registration and supporter data included a provision for a 10-day notice period for any changes to access.
link to lawsuit filed by bernie
https:// berniesanders.com/ wp-content/uploads/2015/12/Bernie2016vDNCComplaint.pdf
https://a rchive.fo/XlVWm (never archived before)
And is Seth Rich connected to berniesanders.com or related domains? Was Seth Bernie's IT Anon Warrior?

Anonymous 05/20/2017 (Sat) 00:46:59 Id: e81f8d [Preview] No. 17144 del
seths emails

14637727 : 2cf20f3ebdeb8680949d83389bbdf9f242e95c00 -> seth.patrich@gmail.com
17615574 : f59baf26343c72bed6f8b4b66d5acb0447fdc390 -> sethhenrich@gmail.com
6800224 : 7c771e1c0b0368477dd6e089acb32c4f667ca989 -> sethiricha@gmail.com

Anonymous 05/20/2017 (Sat) 00:47:38 Id: e81f8d [Preview] No. 17145 del
Pasted from /r/conspiracy https://archive.is/t5JjE
We now have confirmation /u/MeGrimlock4 and /u/Pandas4Bernie are Seth Rich's Reddits and @Panda4Progress and @Pandas4Bernie are his Twitters. The emails and phone numbers are the smoking gun!
We need to move fast, get it to the top, keep it there. This information alone confirms that Seth Rich was a Bernie supporter and he hated Hillary, Seth Rich was the DNC leaker, and DNC KNEW about it!!! Don't worry, EVERYTHING is archived, screenshotted, dropboxed, pastebinned, etc.
-Yesterday morning /pol discovered that Seth's Twitter/Instagram handle is Panda4Progress and that he follows Reddit on Twitter, so he must have a Reddit account. On Twitter Panda4Progress is followed by and talks to the verified Split rideshare account.
-Last night /u/niceandtoastyplease put out a call to help search for said Reddit account
-We used publicly available information about Seth's interests and hobbies to find his Reddit account soon after, /u/MeGrimlock4. He publicly divulges his email address in one of his posts about a lost dog, seth.c.rich at gmail.com and pol has proof that the other email address in the post belongs to his dad. Further he mentions his friendship with the Owner of Split, who follows Panda4Progress on Twitter. The account was immediately archived and shared here around midnight last night.
-Immediately after the revelation, /u/FricasseeingRabbit found a VERY SIMILAR username /u/Pandas4Bernie that has Reddit, Twitter, and Tumblr accounts (Pandas4Bernie2016 on Tumblr)- which ties in PERFECTLY with the recent evidence that Seth Rich was also behind the Dec 2015 Bernie "hack" of the DNC. This account ALSO stopped posting around the same time Seth's others did.
-A few minutes later /u/RunMeMyMoney noticed that last month ANDREW THERRIAULT, DNC Data Science Manager from 2014-2016 retweeted a tweet calling a group of pandas an embarrassment and TAGGED SETH RICH's handle Panda4Progress. WHY is a Seth Rich an embarrassment for getting gunned down in a random robbery incident? THE DNC KNEW SETH WAS THE LEAKER
Update- Therriault is quivering in his boots and has deleted his Tweet a couple minutes ago but THE INTERNET IS FOREVER
(Confirmed) Gmail- seth.c.rich
(Confirmed) Reddit- MeGrimlock4
(Confirmed) Twitter- Panda4Progress
(Confirmed) Instagram- Panda4Progress
(Confirmed) Gmail- Panda4Progress
(Confirmed) Reddit- Pandas4Bernie
(Confirmed) Twitter- Pandas4Bernie
(Confirmed) Tumblr- Pandas4Bernie2016
(Confirmed) Gmail- Pandas4Bernie
(Confirmed) Imgur- http://pandas4bernie.imgur.com/

Anonymous 05/20/2017 (Sat) 00:48:14 Id: e81f8d [Preview] No. 17147 del
After graduating in 2011, Rich was quickly hired by a national polling company and moved to the District.
Two years later [2013], he went to the Democratic National Committee, where he worked on the development of a computer program that allows people to enter their names and have maps drawn to their polling places.
Rich moved to First Street two years ago (2014) [article published July 11, 2016-2 = 2014].

Anonymous 05/20/2017 (Sat) 00:48:36 Id: e81f8d [Preview] No. 17148 del
>Skippy Pizza Podesta sends email about punishing suspected leakers with or without any real basis in Feb 22, 2015
>DNC discovers Bernie Staffers get access to key Hillary data through idiocy of DNC insecure servers and Andrew Therriault alerts DNC CEO Amy Dacey (when??)
>Amy Dacey alerts Podesta about data breach
To: john.podesta@gmail.com
Date: 2015-12-19 22:41
Subject: Amy Dacey: Here’s what happened with NGP VAN, the Sanders Campaign, and the Clinton Campaign
>Amy Dacey communicates with Podesta about data breach https://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/15792 Dec 19, 2015
>Amy launches internal investigation into Data Breach with Podesta's blessing, believe damage is limited
Seth Rich is pissed off at Amy Dacey because he likes Bernie and she loves the idea of using Bernie's Jewishness as yet another way to get voters on the Hillary bus.
>DNC Andrew Therriault probably blames data breach on Bernie Bro drunk Seth Rich. ??
>Andrew Therriault leaves for fancy new job created just for him in Boston. May 25, 2016 *last date of wikileaks*
>Seth Rich leaks to wikileaks? when
>Botched hit on Seth Rich
>Amy Dacey resigns her CEO position and goes to Corporate PR job

Anonymous 05/20/2017 (Sat) 00:48:48 Id: e81f8d [Preview] No. 17149 del
>May 25, 2016 - Date of the last email in the DNC Email Archive released by Wikileaks [** KEY DATE]. Where was Seth Rich on this date? What was his state of mind? Did something happen on or about May 25, 2016 that resulted in Seth Rich losing access to high-level DNC emails? Or did he get one-time access to the DNC emails on May 25, 2016 and downloaded them all then?
Same day: Anti Seth Rich Investigation Coworker who sent mocking tweet to Seth Rich's twitter posthumously is appointed to brand new made-up job. Why? Why leave the DNC during the height of the campaign??
Look into this Andrew Therriault PhD scumbag, clearly involved!

Anonymous 05/20/2017 (Sat) 00:49:13 Id: e81f8d [Preview] No. 17150 del
current time line update

UPDATED SETH RICH TIMELINE (AGAIN, adding August 2014 as the date Seth Rich began working for the DNC; Hat tip to >>9941138)
2008 – IWILLVOTE website created
2009 – Ian Reynolds becomes Senior Systems Administrator to DNC [Ian Reynolds got on kek radar pursuant to post >>9934738 asking: Who at DNC was in charge of maintaining DNC website where polling places are listed? This, in turn, prompted by questions about what IWILLVOTE was really up to supposedly on behalf of the DNC, but, we believe, was actually being run for the benefit of HRC, presumably a fact that urked Seth Rich, a Bernie supporter??? By the grace of Kek, please correct me if I don’t have this theory correct…]
2010 – Ian Reynolds is no longer Senior Systems Administrator (he goes to Peace Corps from March 2011 to May 2013)
2011 – Seth Rich graduates from a Jesuit college [* presumably he gets involved with the DNC during college?]
2013 to present – Ian Reynolds is working as “Director of Engineering” at “IT Consulting Firm” in D.C. (all of this from https://ianreynoldsit.com/frontpage/). * But see also that Ian Reynolds is in the thick of things….See this article [https://www.softwar.net/deplorable.html] by Charles Smith of “Softwar” (never heard of it) titled “Guccifer 2.0 DNC DOCS – DEPLORABLE DNC” and dated September 15, 2016. In this Article, Ian Reynolds is labeled as “DNC technical staff member” and noting that Ian Reynolds was doing work then for the DNC on some problem associated with the DNC’s problems with processing credit cards because the DNC systems “could not pass security tests required for certification.” Point being: Ian Reynolds is deep In DNC on computing and networking issues, apparently sometime in the 2016 timeframe despite his resume not explicitly mentioning this….. ←– Kek Investigation Needed.
August, 2014 – Seth Rich begins working for the DNC. (See >>9941138)
Dec 18, 2015 (on or about this date…) Bernie Campaign accesses HRC campaign data stored on servers controlled by DNC due to "glitch."
May 3, 2015 – Bernie pulls off surprise primary victory in Indiana Primary
May 17, 2016 – Bernie wins Oregon primary (final Democrat primaries, including California, would be in June. Stuck fork in Sanders, because he was done by mid-June)
May 25, 2016 - Date of the last email in the DNC Email Archive released by Wikileaks [** KEY DATE]. Where was Seth Rich on this date? What was his state of mind? Did something happen on or about May 25, 2016 that resulted in Seth Rich losing access to high-level DNC emails? Or did he get one-time access to the DNC emails on May 25, 2016 and downloaded them all then? ←—— KEK Investigation needed.
June 12, 2016 – Bernie Sanders endorsed Clinton in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.
July 10, 2016 – Seth Rich Killed.
July 11, 2016 - The lawsuit regarding voter fraud in which Seth Rich is scheduled to be witness is filed.(See>http://www.mockingbirdpaper.com/content/local-activist-files-suit-access-exit-polling-data-dead-witness-blocks-path-truth)
July 22, 2016 – Wikileaks publishes 19,252 emails and 8,034 attachments from the DNC, including emails from seven key DNC Staff members. The leaked DNC emails have a date range of January 2015 to May 25, 2016 (* KEY DATE RANGE)

Anonymous 05/20/2017 (Sat) 00:49:32 Id: e81f8d [Preview] No. 17151 del
time line continued

MISSING KEY DATES – Kek Investigation needed
??????- Date Seth Rich begins work on DNC's IWILLVOTE project
?????- Date Seth Rich contacts Wikileaks
Additional Angles of Key Investigation pending:
(1) Is Ian Reynolds related to Lindsey Reynolds, Chief Operating Officer of DNC during 2016? [Lindsey Reynolds' emails were among the DNC EMAIL ARCHIVE leaked by Wikileaks from, we think, emails provided by Seth Rich. One of Lindsey Reynolds' leaked emails from April 29, 2016 made reference to HER work on IWILLVOTE project, the same project on which Seth Rich worked; this is a possible vector for Seth Rich's access to the email of prominent DNC operatives…See >>9935434 above for copy of this email.
(2) Editor's Note: Is the Ian Reynolds angle a red herring? Should I drop it in here? Please advise.
(3) Are there any DOX available to establish connections between Ian Reynolds and Seth Rich?
(4) Are there any DOX available to establish connections between Seth Rich and Lindsey Reynolds?
(5) What, exactly, was Seth Rich's skill set and expertise? Did he have Mad Hack Skills such that if he had access to the DNC emails through his work at IWILLVOTE he would be able to get at them? ←——- Background on Seth Rich skill set needed by Kek Investigation. 2017-05-19 UPDATE: Seth "helped develop a computer program to make it easier for people to find polling places on Election Day." (See >>9941138)
(6) Any other questions? Reply and I'll insert.

Anonymous 05/20/2017 (Sat) 00:49:45 Id: e81f8d [Preview] No. 17152 del
amy decy info

The Amy Dacey who resigned from CEO of the DNC 3 days ago, along with others?
Someone has linked her to Podesta, Soros, and SEIU already:

Anonymous 05/20/2017 (Sat) 01:02:34 Id: e81f8d [Preview] No. 17158 del

Anonymous 05/20/2017 (Sat) 22:25:25 Id: a1c055 [Preview] No. 17169 del
Someone over at Reddit is editing Seth Rich posts
The only reason I know is because S4T just put out a video

I know Seattle is persona non grata

https://youtube.com/watch?v=_O5jKqKb6TQ [Embed]&ab_channel=Seattle4Truth

Anonymous 05/21/2017 (Sun) 05:50:41 Id: e81f8d [Preview] No. 17172 del


Anonymous 05/21/2017 (Sun) 17:56:15 Id: 9ecaf7 [Preview] No. 17173 del

Likely the admins of the site. I wouldn't put anything past the head staff of that cesspool.

Anonymous 05/21/2017 (Sun) 22:10:20 Id: e81f8d [Preview] No. 17178 del
https://youtube.com/watch?v=N6SYuInqzok [Embed]&ab_channel=seattle4truth

LINKS: http://archive.is/HiUeW

Spaghetti 4 Truth latest report

Anonymous 05/21/2017 (Sun) 22:17:40 Id: e81f8d [Preview] No. 17180 del
Kelsey Mulka has a website, kelseymulka.com.com, which only has a picture of her and a link to her LinkedIn. Which is no longer up.

She was on the phone with him when he was shot. Was he threatening to spill the beans on the conspiracy, and she was trying to talk him down/distract him so he could be killed? Did she hear the gunshots? If she did, why didn't she say anything?



>Heartbreaking news to Kelsey Mulka. She was just on the phone with him, and in a split-second he was gone. Now Mulka is breaking news in our exclusive interview, revealing details, telling Crime Watch Daily there was no sign of trouble in his voice that terrible morning.

>"I wasn't alarmed," said Mulka.

Seth Rich wasn't at all worried about people coming after him if he was the leaker? He just decided to take a stroll through DC and called his gf to shoot the shit? Not for reassurance or anything? We need to pay close attention to her throughout this investigation, especially if she starts giving more interviews now.

She's an alum of University of Michigan, if others see what I mean.



She worked for the Institute of International Education as a "data manager/reporter." So she would have technical expertise with computers. According to this Voat post, the board of directors includes JEFFREY EPSTEIN and HENRY KISSINGER.



Henry Kissinger proof.



Lots of Interesting people there. However, I can't find anything about Epstein's involvement with IEE, either at the IEE site or on Epstein's on the homepage of Epstein's site is a video about "false memories" LOL he knows what's up. Any other anons might be able to verify a IEE-Epstein connection?

Anonymous 05/22/2017 (Mon) 17:29:22 Id: 85299c [Preview] No. 17189 del
Kimdotcom going to be on hanity today or tomorrow alleged has breaking info on Seth rich with the dnc. Pedesta and baun spokesperson are having a meltdown on the twitters

Anonymous 05/22/2017 (Mon) 20:19:24 Id: 442d64 [Preview] No. 17191 del
Kim has blueballed us before, so I wouldn't count on it being a bombshell.

Anonymous 05/23/2017 (Tue) 03:58:21 Id: e81f8d [Preview] No. 17196 del
Did you guys see this?
Remember when an anon told us to look for links to SEIU?
Just published today:
>A media release from the Pastorum Group reveals that Bauman previously worked for the DNC and the Service Employees International Union (SEIU).
>The SEIU has previously been reported by the Wall Street Journal as a “top spender” for the Democrats, openly endorsed Hillary Clinton in 2016 and actively assisted in her campaign. It has been widely criticized by some groups for the involvement of union members in crimes including embezzlement, criminal conspiracy, perjury and identity theft. The SEIU is also a client of the Strategic Consulting Group, which was founded by the Democratic operative Robert Creamer. In 2016, Creamer was implicated in footage obtained by journalist James O’Keefe which revealed that Creamer was engaging in voting fraud and violent disruption of political events, sometimes using his connections to unions who were as clients of his.
>Bauman’s past professional ties to the DNC and the SEIU raise questions about the vehemence with which he has attacked journalists reporting on the circumstances of Seth Rich’s murder.
Bauman is the filthiest rat they could have picked to attempt this coverup.

Anonymous 05/23/2017 (Tue) 04:02:15 Id: e81f8d [Preview] No. 17197 del
More on CrowdStrike/Alperovitch:
>Russians did not hack the DNC system, a Russian named Dmitri Alperovitch is the hacker and he works for President Obama. In the last five years the Obama administration has turned exclusively to one Russian to solve every major cyber-attack in America, whether the attack was on the U.S. government or a corporation. Only one “super-hero cyber-warrior” seems to “have the codes” to figure out “if” a system was hacked and by “whom.”
>Dmitri’s company, CrowdStrike has been called in by Obama to solve mysterious attacks on many high level government agencies and American corporations, including: German Bundestag, Democratic National Committee, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), the White House, the State Department, SONY, and many others.
>CrowdStrike has played a critical role in the development of America’s cyber-defense policy. Dmitri Alperovitch and George Kurtz, a former head of the FBI cyberwarfare unit founded CrowdStrike. Shawn Henry, former executive assistant director at the FBI is now CrowdStrike’s president of services. The company is crawling with former U.S. intelligence agents.
Meanwhile, this article points out that Alperovitch is a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council, which is funded by /pol/'s favorite Hungarian billionaire.
The DNC paid CrowdStrike 200 grand.

Anonymous 05/24/2017 (Wed) 03:33:18 Id: e81f8d [Preview] No. 17204 del
Seth Rich Murder - Open source Investigation
Thread 1 - https://archive.is/mEd5E
Thread 2 - https://archive.is/x1beg
Thread 3 - https://archive.is/9cIyQ
Thread 4 - https://archive.is/MxROd

thread 5 http://archive.is/hE5Yt

Anonymous 05/24/2017 (Wed) 03:45:22 Id: e81f8d [Preview] No. 17205 del
palmeris twitter this kikess is trying to shoah 2016 tweets


Anonymous 05/24/2017 (Wed) 19:36:44 Id: 24de0d [Preview] No. 17211 del
Palmeri anyone got her dox ?

Anonymous 05/25/2017 (Thu) 02:19:23 Id: 69427b [Preview] No. 17217 del
this is basically proof. this guy seems to be sticking his neck out there for this posting on 4chan.

Anonymous 05/26/2017 (Fri) 04:45:25 Id: e81f8d [Preview] No. 17247 del

Anonymous 05/26/2017 (Fri) 04:47:33 Id: e81f8d [Preview] No. 17249 del
Shoot the Panda, journalist puts hitman dog whistle in article. Discussion of Clinton involvement with selling US military secrets to China. >muh Chinese?
SEIU hired guns?
Seth Rich's IPs leaked
Journalist looking for information on Seth Rich's doctor
Hannity Cucks Out
Jews target Hannity's Advertisers Anyway
Two possible hitmen for Seth Rich found shot to death
Investigation thread #5
Seth Rich Dropbox account
Possible Seth Rich twitter account tweeting again
Pages that were already archived did not get a new snapshot. If anons would like new snapshots of the current threads, do so at your leisure.
Post last edited at 05/25/17 (Thu) 20:44:05

Anonymous 05/26/2017 (Fri) 04:48:05 Id: e81f8d [Preview] No. 17250 del
For those out of the loop
>Imran Awan and his brothers were employed by Debbie Wasserman-Schultz as IT consultants since 2005
>They had access to the House networks, and emails of dozens of Representatives
>In February, they stole hundreds of thousands of dollars of equipment and illegal accessed restricted parts of the House network
>The House revoked their network access, but instead of firing them, Debbie Wasserman Schultz changed their titles to "advisor" and kept them on
>Imran's wife and kids have fled to Pakistan
>DWS had a laptop confiscated as part of the investigation, and now she is threatening the Police Chief with budget cuts if he doesn't return it
>John Podesta: Alt-Right Media Like Sean Hannity Colluding with Russia
>Another connection to MedStar.
>Kim Dotcom: An open letter to Seth Rich's family regarding hacking claims
>Debbie Wastedman Skulkz THREATENS DC POLICE chief over a Laptop (AWAN BROS) https://youtu.be/IAHGsyt2kZA?t=159
>Twitter suspends WND.com’s account for a headline tweet
>Hannity: The Russia collusion narrative is crumbling
>Hannity: Abrupt Vacation during Sponsor Fallout
>Hospital IP address?
IT IS NOT OVER ! !$!!#

Anonymous 05/27/2017 (Sat) 18:45:59 Id: e81f8d [Preview] No. 17306 del
More Information on Angelo Carusone
>started working for Media Matters in 2010
Here's a recent article dated May 15, 2017 which interviews Angelo.
>has a grudge against Beck and other conservative pundits
He was made President of Media Matters in December 2016.
[archive.is doesn't work for some reason - see screenshot]

Anonymous 05/29/2017 (Mon) 19:11:23 Id: ce8358 [Preview] No. 17320 del

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