Anonymous 10/13/2017 (Fri) 07:29:07 Id: a534dc No. 18741 del
>Lucky endchan administration was kindly toward us.
Yeah, who cares that the Admin just broke his own site policy by doing this(which he admitted to.) You fucking cuckold.

I am none of those things, I assure you. So I made a few jokes, I didn't realize that jokes were grounds to have MY board taken away from me.

>What they BO should be doing right now is looking through the previous actions this fucker took as BO and see what he was up to.
Yeah, those super sekrit word filters were totally hiding my evil plan to do... what, exactly?

I did, yes. I was just following the "no spam" rule, which that thread was clearly breaking.

I also deleted a CP thread that the previous owner was too lazy to delete and let slide to the middle of the fucking catalog, as well. I guess deleting CP is "fucking with users", now.