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How this has played out seems a bit odd to me.
From what I can figure we have this:

1. The greatest generation (WWII)
2. 60's garbage
3. gen X ( us basically )
4. moronic millennials
5. these new guys, or genZ as you just said

the 60's trash was just waiting to destroy america as soon as their parents were dead. Now they are currently in power and have no damn clue how the world works.

then we came along, but the brainwashing apparatus in schools and tv was not quite in place or something. So a good portion of us still have our grey matter intact and realize we are being screwed over by our parents.

Now along come gen y me as you said, they bore the full brunt of a brainwashing apparatus in school and all media. They were 100% brainwashed apparently. they are even more losers than the 60's gen that started all this nonsense.

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