Anonymous 09/12/2017 (Tue) 10:38:48 Id: 7e9325 No. 18549 del
hell, even better and more normie-pilling than that, these are the same fuckos that put the Sauds in charge of "human rights" on the same day they executed over 20 people, including 2 children
(one who was crucified for joining an anti-government demonstration of all fucking things)
There's really no way at all you can twist around and defend against a political 'toons like this. Makes it so much easier to sort out the useful idiots when you hear someone claim the UN still has legitimacy after this. No snarky humour needed, no subtle political digging. Just presented straight up as "This really fucking happened. They actually did this."
How can anyone take them seriously after that. Even the most cucked out faggots like The Guardian couldn't ignore it and criticised it.