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mentlegen, I am so glad I came through here when I did, because these two posts line up so fucking perfectly

This timeline is the bestest.

Also, on the left, I don't think Bernouts would've turned and berned from the Clinton machine so readily had not this fight been so overt. They would've been told by (((the media))) that the RNC was still worse, that killary was still "the lesser evil," shrugged and gone right along with it as they'd been trained to do all throughout school.

Instead you have about half of Sanders4President littering The_Donald instead of going away quietly like the establishment wanted, getting more pilled with each passing shitpost. And Killary blaming them all over her new book for failing to conform the way they were indoctrinated to.

Even the radical left is fracturing amongst its own pogroms, calling one another 'neo-mccarthyists'

No matter how retarded you think it got, or how retarded they were for being led astray by e-celebs here and there, GG needed to happen, and only GG would lead to this current timeline
Especially since no other form of media is so big right now. If a "gg-style" event had erupted out of the failing Hollywood, pffft, nothing, people already knew that shit was dying. You would just get some younger versions of Jon Voight and other longtime rightie holdouts. But this was both the largest field and one they believed they had completely dominated
Or in other words, it doesn't surprise anyone when the inner circle servants revolt, they've both been treated the worse but also privy to most of the inner workings. You can let the sacrifices fall and sweep it all under the rug.
But a full scale serf revolt like that, totally caught them off guard.
Hell, half the victories were from them panicking too damn much to think straight, causing the double-down spirals we know and love so much.
When they do have full control, it looks more like that pre-GG sad puppies where they were all successfully isolated and rendered irrelevant, locked into a single category and discarded all at once with a single "no award."

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