Anonymous 09/11/2017 (Mon) 17:49:49 Id: 9f620b No. 18534 del
Americans have a problem understanding the basic principle of the common law system that everything is either neutral or illegal, instead of either legal or neutral like in the continental civil law system. Prior is the sane right-wing application of law while tha latter is the sane left-wing application. American left wants an insane left-wing system, where everything is illegal except when it's legal, and no neutralities like freedom of choice or the freedom to civil negotiation. That's why you get these megalomaniacs like Firewatch thinking that they're actually holding every single rope in a situation and that they can act like despots, summarily taking away rights they've previously been allowing if and when they feel like it. They're replacing civil negotiation with law-enforced take-it-or-leave-it deals, usually unsuccesfully because they're fucking deluded about what the law actually says. Right wing state ends up wasting money on spurious lawsuits made by people who can't maintain a good mental hygiene without a leftist structure to watch over them, because rightist structures are built to enable them.