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The fuck are they saying they except open thinking and an environment to express yourself however you feel when they just fuckin fired a guy for it. How dense can you be to lack this much self awareness? The responses of on social media prove this. Jim nailed it in his video what these people are on about and they're not hiding it.

They're playing this gambit like a person who has nothing to lose. Admirable, but mistaken. The MSM tried the same shit and so did many other industries. They're fucking themselves. Many people have said before that you can't replace one rotten system unless you've got a better one to stand in its place. This is Google's biggest fear. They're not only censoring any alternatives but any people thinking outside the box. They WANT slaves, not just on the ideological level but the corporate level. They're like Conglom-O from Rocko's Modern Life.

The only reason people still use them at all is because there's nothing better. As soon as that better thing shows up they're fucked.