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>Death records from Minnesota show that Smith, 81, killed himself in a hotel through "asphyxiation due to displacement of oxygen in confined space with helium" on May 14. Smith was found with a bag over his head, a helium source, and a suicide note that read there was "NO FOUL PLAY WHATSOEVER" regarding his death.

That sounds about as believable as finding a three dollar bill wrapped around a unicorn's dick. Then again I'm not sure why these assholes ever publicly announce they are doing this stuff in the first place. Especially BEFORE they hand it over. Someone gets killed for outing killery? Motive is right there. Before outing? 'unrelated circumstances'. Every single time. Just hand the shit over to Trump and don't say a damn word. Trump's untouchable now and they know it. An assassination on Trump would mean a nation wide chimp out and the Left would be on the sacrificial lamb.

What's the end point after their useful idiots get purged? Nothing. Who's gonna support your asinine bills and bans? Nobody. Who's gonna vote for you next election? Damn sure not the Libcucks. They know that if a second revolution happened they are next right after their useful idiots and that's why they don't try to kill Trump.