Anonymous 07/11/2017 (Tue) 21:17:40 Id: 8d13fd No. 18013 del
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Saying he did a half ass job is an understatement. He needed people to find sources for him. He needed people to proof read and fact check for him. He needed people to do cover are for him and not he needs an editor to do the finished product. Here's the million dollar question. What the fuck DID he do besides copy and paste a bunch of text that probably came from some GG related archival site and put a libcuck spin on it? He's been throwing taunts at us this whole time like we give a fuck and using it as a smoke screen to dodge what we've already proven about him so expect him to shit talk us in there to.

So once again GG gets scammed out of over a 1000 dollary doos for a glorified PDF file and learns nothing. No wonder they never fixed the industry.