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time line continued

MISSING KEY DATES – Kek Investigation needed
??????- Date Seth Rich begins work on DNC's IWILLVOTE project
?????- Date Seth Rich contacts Wikileaks
Additional Angles of Key Investigation pending:
(1) Is Ian Reynolds related to Lindsey Reynolds, Chief Operating Officer of DNC during 2016? [Lindsey Reynolds' emails were among the DNC EMAIL ARCHIVE leaked by Wikileaks from, we think, emails provided by Seth Rich. One of Lindsey Reynolds' leaked emails from April 29, 2016 made reference to HER work on IWILLVOTE project, the same project on which Seth Rich worked; this is a possible vector for Seth Rich's access to the email of prominent DNC operatives…See >>9935434 above for copy of this email.
(2) Editor's Note: Is the Ian Reynolds angle a red herring? Should I drop it in here? Please advise.
(3) Are there any DOX available to establish connections between Ian Reynolds and Seth Rich?
(4) Are there any DOX available to establish connections between Seth Rich and Lindsey Reynolds?
(5) What, exactly, was Seth Rich's skill set and expertise? Did he have Mad Hack Skills such that if he had access to the DNC emails through his work at IWILLVOTE he would be able to get at them? ←——- Background on Seth Rich skill set needed by Kek Investigation. 2017-05-19 UPDATE: Seth "helped develop a computer program to make it easier for people to find polling places on Election Day." (See >>9941138)
(6) Any other questions? Reply and I'll insert.