Anonymous 05/16/2017 (Tue) 00:20:35 Id: 8d13fd No. 17069 del
(200.22 KB 630x437 is dis nigga real.png)
>I realized I needed more citations
>So I'm asking you goyim to produce that for me!

Christ all fucking mighty, this guy intended to release a book about opinions and labelling it Gamergate's history. What a faggot. I'd bet you anything that if the big diggers during GG's glory days were still around he'd be hitting them up like they're his slave niggers.

Also listen to his voice in this. Big promises and zero enthusiasm in his voice. He sounds tired like he just wants to get this over with already. His body language doesn't match what he's saying.

>I want a counter active view point

You tell the truth or you tell your side of the story Kotaku lite.

>Name drops Glascuck as a dependable person

This is like poetry. Glasgow was known for manipulating facts and telling bold faced lies to push an agenda in GG and people not only called him out for it but proved he was an ethics cuck who was trying to hijack GG. Anyone who still believes in this guy after putting faith into Glasgow deserves what they get.

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