The SPLC getting support from Antifa supporters/those lacking self-awareness Anonymous 05/14/2017 (Sun) 17:18:16 Id: 2c3691 No. 17054 del
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Werewolves VS Fascism is the name of this thing; it implies early on what the goal is, like most SJW/Anti-Trump rags tend to do, before turning around and trying to say this is for 'good vibes.' I guess the minds that help the creator and contributors sleep at night. And then the Antifa symbols and slogans show up, and the further along it goes, the more blatant a show of Anti-'Nazi' mental masturbation this gets.

This was announced back in February, after the Milo incident and after Punch-A-Nazi started gaining ground. The donations were supposed to go to the ACLU originally, but I guess them defending Milo, like these groups are supposed to do, was too triggering for these types and the SPLC took their place.