Anonymous 03/19/2017 (Sun) 15:47:53 Id: e86153 No. 16414 del
Well, it's not like GG ever really died, it's just they failed. GG never really won either, but it did shed light on the scum for those who didn't buy the media shit show.
Denton and gawker, the snakes head, fucking publicly hung themselves.
Quinn is a depressed sea cow with tarnished rep.
No one fucking cares about the attention seeking FF or Wu anymore, their moment haas gone.
These power hungry "feminists" and their toxic influence on the industry and conformist politics new speak is crippled. Not only that, it's becoming unpopular. To shift blame to GG now just looks pathetic to everyone and it shows and it shows just how desperate they are. This is the noise as they rattle their cages, sensing their impending death. And the noise they make will serve as warning to the others.