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Oh and look at that, the usual suspects waited 'till Nackt was gone to start spreading their own version of the story about her.

>Didn't /cyber/ out him as some skiddie with leaderfag aspirations? Most of his early "dissections" before and in the early days of GG were apparently copypasta swiped from other places/anons.
>Claimed /cyber/ hated her
>Only things found on /cyb/ about her loved her and wondered where she was
>They still post her shit on /g/
>Nackt is a skid
>After all the shit she did
>They praised her as one of the best diggers way back when
>'Till they didn't like her then they call her copypasta

I know we shouldn't give them attention because that's what they want, but I still think they need a grim reminder they aren't alone.