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>I needed some rando chick to learn about TOR's (((weaknesses)))
> I the only nigga that reads the about page on websites anymore.

Nigga, look up any news site openly talking about tor's vulnerabilities and about how broken it is. It's nothing but pozzed bullshit. You never get the full story and other times the tor defenders will flat out call you a shill or liar if you try to talk about it on news sites. It's like trying to talk about Gamergate in mainstream media all over again.

You could never dig into it unless you posted about it somewhere like here and even on places like 8/tech/ it's fucking pozzed and there are deniers there too. Hell, even /g/ is more open about it than they are now. But that's why people like Nackt were worth listening to. They not only told the truth but named the faggots responsible but picked apart what was wrong with said problems on a technical level and then shit all over it publicly and I know she got shade from tor devs over it too.

We all knew something was wrong with tor, we just didn't know how bad because few people are telling the truth and apparently Nackt's been telling us since 2013.

As for /pone/ those faggots def need a reckoning.