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>What I don't get is why they're still going at it. What do they think they're accomplishing by now? All the anons left long ago, the only people who ever would've gave half a turd about this. Their efforts would have made sense during GamerGay's prime, but not NOW.

This shit right here. People in Cole's circle tend to act like this kinda like how Jews double down and make sure their enemies suffer forever until there's nothing but scorched earth. It isn't even about sending a message anymore, people who used, posted on or maintained this board still exist and that's enough to justify their paranoia for them.

They won't be happy until all those people disappear.

This is one of the big things that puts the BO here apart from Coleslaw. He doesn't sell out. He knows what the board is for and if people want to post other topics of discussion they can do that elsewhere. It's not like the BO is desperately trying to breath life into this board by allowing digging for whatever off topic trend is going on now even though it has nothing to do with this place.