Anonymous 01/11/2017 (Wed) 22:27:26 Id: 54a26d No. 14699 del
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You know, every time I read that email to Endo is says more and more to me.

>Give us good info so you can fuck off in peace the way ethicssucks
>Give US

He admits here to not being alone and now it makes me wonder if he had somethings to do with ethicssucks disappearance.

>I spent time with Shrekbane

How much you wanna bet he was the one to out everyone to Cole in the first place? How did Cole find out WHO to talk to in the first place with his good cop bad cop act?

In here he even admits there are serial scammers in GG but Cole cares little probably because their his butt buddies that he defended.

The fact that he was after the author of the Titan Post says shit loads. It really lays out the ground work for his end game for everyone to see. That post rustled his jimmies like a hurricane.

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