Anonymous 01/11/2017 (Wed) 02:22:29 Id: 1e3feb No. 14641 del
Stolen from plebbit:

Summary I came up with:

>8+ years of communication between him and Kremlin, and 5+ year relationship of cultivating/supporting/assisting Trump by Russia.

>They offered him real estate deals IN RUSSIA to further ensnare him, but he declined.

>Russia has dirt on Trump watching Russian prostitutes give golden showers.

>Detailed claims of bilateral intelligence sharing back and forth between Trump and Putin. Trump had DNC moles and used US as well as foreign hackers. Trump got info on his opponents, Putin got info on Russian oligarchs + families living in US.

>They used the pension system that Russian diplomats used to transfer information back and forth to/from each other as well. It mentions tens of thousands of dollars were sent in addition to the money.

>Russia's main goal appears to be driving wedges to cause divisions in the West. They aided Jill Stein, Carter Page and Michael Flynn (the latter two being members of Trump's team) in doing so.

>Main goal of DNC emails appeared to be swinging Sanders voters to Trump.

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