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(54.92 KB 762x563 diagramofcucks.png)
jkelly's latest hit Anonymous 01/12/2017 (Thu) 16:39:24 Id: 2a14ef [Preview] No. 14731 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
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Anonymous 06/24/2017 (Sat) 21:57:53 Id: 008692 [Preview] No. 17685 del
Slide block

Anonymous 06/25/2017 (Sun) 23:57:51 Id: 6c89fe [Preview] No. 17749 del

Anonymous 06/28/2017 (Wed) 22:08:39 Id: 008692 [Preview] No. 17838 del
gonna slide

Anonymous 06/28/2017 (Wed) 22:41:07 Id: 7851fb [Preview] No. 17839 del
So if Ralph is connected to GNAA because he is connected to WLAA and GNAA is connected to Storefront then does that mean that the """Richard Spencer""" ALT-KIKE and the """Cernobitch""" ALT-LITE-KIKE ARE ONE AND THE SAME?

Sage Anonymous 06/29/2017 (Thu) 17:22:50 Id: cfb17d [Preview] No. 17851 del
It means spergs like the writer are retarded spergs

Cuck gets triggered over varitas video mentioned at presser Anonymous 06/28/2017 (Wed) 21:17:44 Id: 4ebcd4 [Preview] No. 17836 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]

'Dammit! Come on! You're inflaming everybody!' Playboy's White House reporter blasts Trump spokeswoman in clash over CNN's retracted 'fake news' story

Loud outburst came from from small-newspaper reporter at the White House on Tuesday during a press briefing
Journalist yelled 'Dammit!' and launched into tirade about the Trump administration 'inflaming' Americans with claims of 'fake news'
Playboy magazine later claimed the reporter was its White House correspondent
CNN retracted a story on Friday that falsely linked a Trump associate with a Russian investment fund, giving the administration new ammunition

Conservative hidden-camera video on Tuesday shows a CNN Health producer agreeing concerns about Trump-Russia election collusion are 'mostly bulls**t'

Why Culturalization and Localization is Critical Anonymous 06/18/2017 (Sun) 02:39:47 Id: a33dc7 [Preview] No. 17547 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
looks like our old friends at the (((igda))) are up their typical shlomo tricks again

https://youtube.com/watch?v=bqvkbDqtRY8 [Embed]&ab_channel=CensoredGaming


kate edwards



>CULTURALIZATION Contributed by ((Kate Edwards)); these points are excerpted from her handbook on game culturalization, due in late 2012)

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Anonymous 06/18/2017 (Sun) 03:52:51 Id: a33dc7 [Preview] No. 17561 del

Anonymous 06/18/2017 (Sun) 07:06:00 Id: 3880ae [Preview] No. 17562 del
Yep, it's the dude I was thinking of.

That shit looks like the cover of a fucking 80s album.

Anonymous 06/28/2017 (Wed) 02:50:10 Id: c4a5f0 [Preview] No. 17823 del
related http://archive.is/ukBeY the faggots are now trying to push for their new shit OP TIMBER

>lets try and inform these devs about what trash they are working for rather than take action to take them out ourselves, remember lads pr is what matters

Anonymous 06/28/2017 (Wed) 10:33:07 Id: c23d96 [Preview] No. 17829 del
(172.96 KB 1239x712 2ch_4038d5_5156674.png)
>inform these devs
they already hate that they have to now censor their game while making it. Theres nothing to fucking inform them about, you shits.

Anonymous 06/28/2017 (Wed) 17:24:19 Id: bd6296 [Preview] No. 17831 del
this is why they will fail. fun fact majority of the shits coming down to censorship is on nintendos side where funny enough was where it first began the best dig ggr did the alison rapp scandal over ff fates

(266.38 KB 980x742 1498269874026.png)
Anonymous 06/24/2017 (Sat) 17:00:25 Id: 2bcb85 [Preview] No. 17674 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Kek. All this spam and they thought we'd forget.

Monthly reminder #kikesquad kill yourselves

Mark and the v tards acid and the acid tards Ququ and the furry media degenerates johniloh Julio Clinton cash Fernandez John Micheal asshurt Kelly Thidran Ddm niggers sargoy and the rest.

Fucking make like randy stair and shut fuck your shits up desu fampais.

Everyday that goes by that you all don't off yourselves on stream is another day you deny your inner sperg self.

Give into the cancer sperg and autism deep within you. Let the sperg flow through you and an hero.

Just do it faggots. If Shia leabouf could do it you can do it.
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Anonymous 06/28/2017 (Wed) 01:11:09 Id: 959d95 [Preview] No. 17820 del
>>But the fact is I remember when Nackt seemed to be against us.

Not surprising. I myself likewise experienced butt-hurt over ggRev. At the time I did not want to see the 8ch gamergate community split up.

However after that I noticed something. I noticed that UIDs were dropping like a rock. I noticed any post I made, or any thread I created was immediately deleted without explanation. I noticed that virtually any new thread was deleted right away no matter if people expressed interest in it or not. There was an army of retard hotpockets, default pepperoni and cheese kind- costCo value size. It was boring, it was as stale as a dentist office in there. Just Acid being impossible with everyone while namefagging & avatarfagging at the same time in the unique way that he does. So I left. This place is much better.

Anonymous 06/28/2017 (Wed) 01:26:14 Id: 959d95 [Preview] No. 17821 del
(13.00 KB 261x193 purple.jpg)

One thing I wish we could have accomplished back in the day, back when we were more numerous and had more spending power. Instead of sending techRaptor & nichegamer to conventions we should have pooled our money and gotten a billboard. Something as obnoxious as a 8ch image board purchasing a billboard could very realistically have gotten major media attention & generated serious excitement about our cause & given us significant boots on the ground. We had the manpower to do it, we had overwhelming approval of the idea among us but no one would step forward and actually take charge of the idea i.e. collect the money and implement the billboard. I wish we could have accomplished that back in the day.

Anonymous 06/28/2017 (Wed) 03:43:24 Id: e69554 [Preview] No. 17826 del
>Lulz were had and Zan's tantrum destroyed all interest HQ or /v/ would ever had in the thread or subject. The 8chan side of things was always the brain power of GG. Whatever started there spread elsewhere. So Zan's autism rage killed the Rand/EdTech digging in GG.

Not at all. People kept digging on 8 revolt after it formed and later here. S4t to his credit, made that night three hour video which was based on it then there was think serious which sucked but at least linked directly to the material.

So no. It did not kill Ed tech digging actually if anything the fallout from all that was that not very long after acid tried banning the topic and it only increased interest.

Zan didn't do shit and when people think he did its fucking annoying. Don't give that sperg credit for anything please.

Wasn't Ralph and S4T the ones who ultimately fed KOP that horse shit? I could be wrong, but that's what I remember happening. So by connection you would expect Ralph and S4T to be part of that shit.

Ralph and s4t were part of triangles at the time the neeirdan shit hadn't happened yet.

If you ask me Ralph and s4t came up with it Thidran and triangles executed it group effort.
This. GG was already doomed in September 2014 when boycott discussion were first killed and people were forced not to expand bgod bgom

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Anonymous 06/28/2017 (Wed) 03:51:06 Id: 1066bb [Preview] No. 17827 del
Everyone wanted to do that in the start but the /v/ cucks made sure that wouldn't happen. I blame Mark because it was proven he had industry connections and he thought he would get in by sucking their dicks.

I remember way back in the day someone made the suggestion and tried pushing that idea. Was that you? It's a shame everyone wasted their money on scam artists.

Anonymous 06/28/2017 (Wed) 13:50:46 Id: 959d95 [Preview] No. 17830 del

I did not come up with the idea. I only liked it & promoted the idea.

The original that came up with the idea was lo-ping

Lakewood, NJ Rabbi, Others Arrested In Alleged Million-Dollar Welfare Fraud Anonymous 06/27/2017 (Tue) 00:55:02 Id: 0e451f [Preview] No. 17779 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
>Lakewood rabbi, others arrested in alleged million-dollar welfare fraud
>Payton Guion and Alex N. Gecan , Asbury Park Press Published 6:40 a.m. ET June 26, 2017
>LAKEWOOD, NJ – A prominent rabbi and several others were arrested in simultaneous federal and state raids Monday morning on charges related to alleged public assistance fraud on a scale rarely seen before in New Jersey.
>Rabbi Zalmen Sorotzkin, who runs the synagogue Congregation Lutzk and businesses linked to the synagogue, was taken into custody Monday and is facing charges of theft by deception in Ocean County Superior Court.
>Also arrested in the sting headed by the FBI, Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office and other agencies were Zalmen’s wife, Tzipporah Sorotzkin, and married couple Mordechai and Jocheved Breskin. The three also face state criminal charges, according to a source close to the case who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the ongoing investigation.

More in linked articles:


>Then the Judge releases them
>ordered released pending trial on fraud charges involving $1.3 million from various welfare programs.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Anonymous 06/27/2017 (Tue) 02:09:15 Id: 02ed7e [Preview] No. 17780 del

Sure it figures

Anonymous 06/28/2017 (Wed) 03:00:40 Id: ffa29a [Preview] No. 17825 del
>More arrests coming in Lakewood | Di Ionno
>The arrests of a Lakewood rabbi, his wife, and several others Monday is just the "first wave" of a federal and state crackdown on public assistance fraud in the Orthodox community.
>The second wave is planned for as early as dawn Wednesday when authorities are scheduled to move in on three other couples, according to law enforcement sources. After that, warrants will be served to an unknown number of others by Friday and the investigation is continuing. And growing.
>"There are more (arrests) coming," the source said, who was not authorized to speak on the record. "This is far from over."
>It may be just the beginning. There is a new scrutiny on Lakewood as the town continues to make headlines. Money-laundering indictments, a school system in financial freefall, unabated development. And now welfare fraud charges.
More at Link - http://www.nj.com/news/index.ssf/2017/06/more_arrests_coming_in_lakewood_di_ionno.html
Archived - https://archive.is/3v71i

Anonymous 06/28/2017 (Wed) 03:51:44 Id: e024f3 [Preview] No. 17828 del
Glad I live in the midwest where one rarely encounters jews, and especially communities of hasidic chucklefucks. These cocksuckers have been pulling scams (i.e. strategic jewing) on residents and the local governments since they arrived.

Sandnigger students from Berlin insulted and threatened in Poland Anonymous 06/27/2017 (Tue) 18:22:26 Id: 5718be [Preview] No. 17812 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]

>A school trip to Poland took a turn to the worse for some students of the Berlin Theodor-Heuss-Community school. The muslimic youths were massively insulted, threatened or attacked multiple times. The polish police refused to help.

>The (((Remember club))) [TL Note: no joke, this is really the name], which since 2 years engages with the persecution and murder of european jews, traveled to Poland for the past weeks. There the nearly twenty students visited the Treblinka and Majdanek extermination camps, and also visited Warsaw, Lublin and Lodz for some days, the "Deutschlandfunk" and other media outlets, as well as the polish newspaper "Fakt24" reported.

>The fact that the club consists mostly of muslims, seemed to be a problem for most Poles. According to the reports especially the females, who were easily recognized as muslims thanks to their headscarfs, became targets of unfiltered hate.

<As they asked the police for help, they only laugh

>"I was spat on by a man on the streets, just like that, and then the man ran away and the police didn't do anything to help", said one of the female students to the "Deutschlandfunk". Even as the residents accompanied them to a police station, the policemen showed no interest in the case. Even worse: The policemen laughed at them. Later the policemen excused their behaviour with poor english language skills, it is said.

>It didn't stay at one incident. A lublin (((synagogue))), of all things, refused the students to enter. The justification: the youths posed a "security risk".

>One female student was thrown out of a shopping mall in Warsaw, because she was talking in persian on the phone. The security personnel explained to her, that other visitors of the mall felt disturbed by that.

>In Lodz a muslim teen was insulted and doused with water by passers-by. Additionally, the foreign looking students were threatened, to have food thrown in their faces.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Anonymous 06/27/2017 (Tue) 18:39:00 Id: 7ed668 [Preview] No. 17813 del
Massive respect for Poland right now.

Anonymous 06/27/2017 (Tue) 19:54:26 Id: 42eb7f [Preview] No. 17814 del
I fucking love Poland!

Anonymous 06/27/2017 (Tue) 13:42:06 Id: 8cfa6e [Preview] No. 17799 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]

Project veritas ends CNN

CNN has been caught red handed admitting the Russia story is fake and is being done for monetary reasons.

Managing producer and editor caught saying the whole thing and repeatedly stating that ethics are bullshit and its all about money. Basically validates everything everybody who was once called "nazi conspirtards" by the left, has been saying about MSM and the left.

Entirely about money, entirely fake news, corporate media is totally in collusion at all times and even LIES TO LEFTISTS AS WELL as the manager states in this video.

Anonymous 06/27/2017 (Tue) 13:43:01 Id: 8cfa6e [Preview] No. 17800 del
Make sure to watch the entire thing

Anonymous 06/27/2017 (Tue) 15:49:46 Id: 1d1126 [Preview] No. 17802 del
They also admit to scrutinizing Trump in a way that they never did with Obama, because it would have Triggered their shitlib viewers.

Anonymous 06/27/2017 (Tue) 16:16:46 Id: 1d400c [Preview] No. 17803 del

Project veritas is fucking brutal. Everyone is just so dumb lol. There is not one guy in this country that can keep the mouth shut, not even one lol.

Anonymous 06/27/2017 (Tue) 16:21:59 Id: 1d1126 [Preview] No. 17805 del
(427.09 KB 856x480 Screenshot (14).png)

No man's sky Anonymous 06/26/2017 (Mon) 10:39:07 Id: 4c24fa [Preview] No. 17757 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]

Anonymous 06/26/2017 (Mon) 18:23:58 Id: 935d77 [Preview] No. 17764 del

>>No Man's sky

No Mans gonna pay for this

Anonymous 06/27/2017 (Tue) 00:51:33 [Preview] No. 17778 del
(41.74 KB 460x215 header.jpg)
>baddies from NGE
>everything in garish colors
<obviously trying to please everyone
Yet people still bought this.

GOP Health Care Bill Revealed Anonymous 06/26/2017 (Mon) 02:48:52 Id: bc7f18 [Preview] No. 17751 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
What are your overall thoughts? Will it actually pass this time?

Anonymous 06/26/2017 (Mon) 23:15:36 Id: 2d7420 [Preview] No. 17776 del
It might, and I hope not. Universal healthcare allows preventative healthcare which allows longer lifespans, and is better for society at no additional cost than private healthcare. America is an outlier that can't come to grips with this truth.

TRUMP TRAVEL BAN WIN SANDNIGGERS BTFO Anonymous 06/26/2017 (Mon) 19:00:11 Id: 67336b [Preview] No. 17765 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]

Trump claims 'clear victory' after Supreme Court says his 'Muslim' travel ban can go into effect NOW against people without U.S. ties
Supreme Court justices will act on Trump's travel ban in the fall, and allowed a major part of it to go into effect immediately
Refugees and others from six Muslim-majority countries who already have a 'bona fide relationship' with legal U.S. residents will be allowed to come
While the case is pending, the lower court's injunction will apply only to those people who have no U.S. ties
Rumors also abound in Washington, DC that Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, 80, may announce his retirement on Monday
Trump and press secretary Sean Spicer both called the outcome a '9-0' decision, although the court didn't say how large a majority of the justices approved it

Anonymous 06/26/2017 (Mon) 22:20:37 Id: 5f6822 [Preview] No. 17774 del