Anonymous 04/09/2017 (Sun) 15:37:17 No. 263 del
>vaguely political
It was Trump vs. Hillary with some vaguely sci-fi images scrolling in the back. It had as much to do with cyberpunk and science fiction as my bologna sandwich does.
>I can come to the conclusion that you are some sort of Clinton supporter
Even if I were, current event politics have fuck all to do with this board. Take it to /pol/.
>cyberpunk is a broad subject
By your logic, some faggot could post ponies in a sci-fi setting and call it cyberpunk and think they'd be fine. They wouldn't. Slapping some sci-fi stickers on something that clearly isn't sci-fi or cyberpunk doesn't magically change it.
>get over it and stop killing what little content this board has. I won't bother posting the webms again.
I suggest you take your own advice here and get over it.