Anonymous 04/09/2017 (Sun) 15:20:11 No. 262 del
>Your shit was deleted because it wasn't /cyber/-related.
You mean it was deleted because it was vaguely political, or perhaps against your politics. I notice you didn't delete the other webms that aren't "neuromancer.webm" but are only vaguely related. One was a science fiction story about a man and his AI featuring anti Clinton and SJW references. The other was an anti establishment webm I found on another cyberpunk board but originally came from a youtube channel called "cyberpunk is now" a channel dedicated to cyberpunk, which also featured an anti Clinton reference. The only clear reasoning that I can come to is that you are some some sort of Clinton supporter who was utterly butt devastated that these webms questioned your political views. Like it or not, cyberpunk is a broad subject and may contain dangerous opinions that conflict with your own, get over it and stop killing what little content this board has. I won't bother posting the webms again.