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Anonymous 04/14/2018 (Sat) 20:34:56 [Preview] No. 16264
How foolish can one be when attempting to explain the complexities of global politics, an issue of such large proportions that one could not begin to comprehend it? To firstly understand the human-controlled scape, one must first understand the human, that is, the human psychology, that which dictates the thought and actions of an individual, and therefore, the way that the human world shall develop. There is of course, a solution to this problem, a solution which is capable of the rapid and efficient congregation of data to form a view of the world, but such a solution lies far in the future and is certain to change the world when it arises, perhaps an improved human mind, far quicker and more logical, and such a solution will result in either the rapid advancement of the human species, or perhaps its destruction, after all, humans at times can be unpredictable...

Anonymous 04/15/2018 (Sun) 07:37:00 [Preview] No.16265 del
(16.33 MB 480x360 going steady.webm)
Well it's not that hard to understand if you're looking at it in terms of international instutions, state actors and paradigms.
Predicting it is another beast to predict, not so much because of ignorance or lack of information but most people, especially those closest to it either have preconceived notions or can't accept things for as they are publicly. Like with current situation with Syria, if someone just had the balls to tell Israel to keep their nose out of the situation so a more objective look can be taken it would probably benefit all parties involved but good luck getting any western nation to do that.

Anonymous 04/15/2018 (Sun) 15:25:42 [Preview] No.16266 del
Thats the problem, people believe they can understand the events occurring around them with ease, but once one realizes that everything is connected to one another in a massive network, trying to understand each governmental structure, the people within it, the people it oversees, the land which it oversees, it becomes quite complicated, at the level of an individual it is often easy to predict how one will think, but it comes close to impossible to identify people who mask their true selves and put on a false persona and support projects in secrecy.

Anonymous 04/15/2018 (Sun) 15:34:03 [Preview] No.16267 del
Most of us humans inherently want to be left alone, and be free to live their own lives as long as they do not go around killing people.

Then you have a subgroup of humans that are power hungry despots and control freaks who wish to enhance their own power by any means necessary. Unfortunately these collectivists tend to form groups and join organizations with the interest of increasing centralized power. The State, if you will, and it will grow and grow until completely fiscally insolvent - not to mention atrocities committed in the name of power along the way.

There is an even smaller subgroup which tend to seek justice when crimes have been committed and they also tend to form groups and join organizations that are in power. These people do not hold bad intentions (unlike the other subgroup), but will they follow orders (no matter how necessary or draconian) because they intend to keep peace.

Anonymous 04/15/2018 (Sun) 16:31:40 [Preview] No.16270 del
That is one of the problems with governments, the people that should be of control of it and the actual governmental entity are separate, and this results in a great internal divide in the country where people are left in a position of little independence and power and the government oversees all and is unquestionable. A government in my eyes should be a coalition of individuals of a particular area looking towards the betterment of themselves such as the building of roads or a dedicated police force to protect those who cannot protect themselves. Look at how absolutely bloated the United States government is, the shelves upon shelves of legislation and laws and deep levels of corruption by those who gained their positions through their possession of money and ability to advertise themselves.

Anonymous 04/15/2018 (Sun) 16:40:29 [Preview] No.16271 del
Exactly. It is very unfortunate that governments tend to attract the worst of the worst people (those who desire to corrupt and abuse their authority for their own selfish interests). Our Founders were very smart in regards to the US Constitution... however I think they underestimated future problems such as political lobbying and career politics. If there were two things that should have been added to our constitution it would be: 1) mandatory term limits and 2) a complete ban on political lobbying / bribery - specifying lobbying/bribery as a form of treason and mandated publicized death penalty for ALL involved. This way no politician would dare exploiting their authority to enrich themselves and other special interests.

Anonymous 04/17/2018 (Tue) 07:31:59 [Preview] No.16280 del
people trying to make laws with the objective of making the world a somewhat better place to live in and for life to be a better experience and some suitniggers trying to abuse the law's for exclusively personal benefit, trying to read too deep into it will only make you lose your focus

Anonymous 04/17/2018 (Tue) 11:58:52 [Preview] No.16281 del
Bureaucracy often empowers those "suitniggers trying to abuse the law's for exclusively personal benefit." So limits on bureaucracy is healthy to society.

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