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lonely Japanese die alone Anonymous 12/04/2017 (Mon) 19:24:07 [Preview] No. 14110
One person died alone in her apartment and no one found the body for 3 years when her rent stopped being automatically deducted from her savings account which had run out. This is a mist read article.

I know a Japanese guy in America who died in his house and had lived all alone ever since he was laid odf. No one knew for one month until neigh it's noticed the smell. He had basically no friends except a coworksr or 2 and was estranged with his mother because she used to be a hostess/prostitute.

I also visited Japan and met an old guy who let me sleep at his crummy apartment in a strange town one night for free. Now that I've read the story I understand maybe he wasnet just being unusually hospitable but was just lonely. He was retired and his apartment was so covered in trash and old food that there was only a path leading to his futon and he had to brush aside more trash so I could have a place to sleep.

This lonely epidemic will come to America. Kids dont want to have their old Trump loving and everyone hating parents live with them. Prepare yourself for when you must die alone.

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