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(981.78 KB 297x398 IMG_3104.GIF)
How do I know for sure that my sister wants to fuck me? Anonymous 12/07/2016 (Wed) 21:56:42 [Preview] No. 10459
I've been wanting to fuck her for awhile and I'm almost 100% sure she wants the same but not completely sure. I might be taking normal things as signs that she wants to fuck me and I could be misunderstanding. I'll give examples of stuff she's done

One time I was in my room studying Latin (yes, Latin) while my parents were gone and she asked me if I wanted to come into the kitchen to do my Latin, and she was wearing a bit more of a revealing shirt than she usually does which really outlined her tits. Not realizing what she couldve been doing, I said no because I wanted to play Halo and when I said no she sounded really disappointed .

She has made multiple possible sexual references when she talked to me but were very subtle such as when I say "I'm hungry" and for seemingly no reason she says something like "Really now?"

The other day while my parents were gone I was in the living room waiting while suddenly for no reason at all she just stops studying to watch a mechanical little Christmas play we have on our buffet which she never watches. She rested her head and her really nice ass was pointed out and she was moving kinda lewdly. Not sure what to do I kept eating (Btw, she never, ever randomly stops studying and when she does she never just watches random stuff). Suddenly my parents came home and once she heard the door and stood up straight as if she was only watching the play.

I posted about part of this on 8chin a few months ago but like a cuck I did nothing. If I am 100000% sure she wants to fuck me I will act on it and I could possibly be having "hot incestious sex tonight" and many other nights ahead of me. What do you guys think?

Anonymous 12/07/2016 (Wed) 22:38:53 [Preview] No. 10461 del
If she's interested in you, it's not to fuck. It's for a romantic relationship. She wants to be treated nice. She want you to take care of her, marriage and the works. Avoid it.

Anonymous 12/08/2016 (Thu) 04:45:51 [Preview] No. 10462 del
You filthy degenerate.

Anonymous 12/08/2016 (Thu) 06:15:34 [Preview] No. 10463 del
(267.22 KB 800x820 IMG_2952.PNG)
(59.16 KB 471x361 IMG_2985.JPG)
>complaint about degeneracy
>on endchan

Anonymous 12/08/2016 (Thu) 07:48:29 [Preview] No. 10464 del
touch her ass in a way that can be easily confused as an accident. Take it from there

Anonymous 12/08/2016 (Thu) 08:01:15 [Preview] No. 10465 del
Actually no just slap her ass. That is both like a playful thing and not directly sexual as much as it is alpha. They will just think you are alpha if it goes south.

Anonymous 12/09/2016 (Fri) 07:04:26 [Preview] No. 10472 del
She's most likely just wants to be a tease in general. My sis does that all the time. >>10461 knows the deal in general, it's usually about manipulation. >>10465 is something I do often with my sis when she's acting cheeky or sticks her butt out. It's partly punishment for trying to seduce you, partly a subtle compliment on her looks and partly a potential signal for her to consider. Of course, it also has that "What the fuck Anon, are we stuck in elementary or something?" vibe, because it's like how kids try to grab attention by poking and hair pulling.

Anonymous 12/09/2016 (Fri) 16:52:43 [Preview] No. 10481 del
(28.38 KB 320x320 IMG_3030.JPG)
I doubt that she's trying to tease me as she's only started doing this like this year and she is smart enough to realize that teasing me like that, knowing my past, could lead to baby making.

She is also 100% aware of my lack of self control in the sexual department. I think it's possible and extremely likely considering that in the middle of the night she started to open my door but then stopped.

Anonymous 12/10/2016 (Sat) 17:23:44 [Preview] No. 10509 del
DO IT [m00t-cuck.jpg]

Anonymous 12/10/2016 (Sat) 17:27:35 [Preview] No. 10510 del
fuck em so hard that life isn't about memeing... get out and make amateur stuff 4 us... break hard vaginas and dick control will overcome think about the guy that died in enter the void without fucking his hot sister

Anonymous 12/12/2016 (Mon) 06:12:41 [Preview] No. 10528 del
I will keep you guys updated, or I'll try to anyway.

So far no progression. My current plan is to go into my sisters room while everyone's asleep in the middle of the night and play with her tits until she wakes up. Being that my house is the most un-soundproof house, and parents room are across from her room and my room, I will have to do this when their door is closed. They usually leave their door open so that the dogs can wake them up in the morning to feed them, I have countered this by opening my door instead so that I can wake up with the dogs instead, and also it will make my going into her room more soundless.

Once she wakes up, if she consents I will start fucking her and going to town in her tight pussy. I am confident that if she doesn't consent she won't tell because she's helped me get out of certain situations with my parents.

There are a few problems, however. My parents and my sister always stay up very late and it's really annoying. Yesterday the plan almost went perfectly, but there was a very big problem. MY PARENTS LEFT THEIR FUCKING DOOR OPEN. I also had a chance the night before but I was too tired and wasn't sure if my sister was asleep or not. I might attempt the plan tonight, but that might not be a good idea because I have a very important test tomorrow, my door is closed meaning theirs will probably be open. BUT I REALLY WANT TO FUCK HER.

I am open to suggestions. Should I just go behind her in the kitchen tomorrow and start grinding her?

I don't want to slap her ass because I don't like dat shit

Anonymous 12/12/2016 (Mon) 07:16:05 [Preview] No. 10529 del
If I had a sister I would watch oreimo with her to soften her up and then try it

Anonymous 12/15/2016 (Thu) 03:29:09 [Preview] No. 10571 del
do this before you slap that ass
just remember anon if you don't slap that ass this can't work good

Anonymous 12/15/2016 (Thu) 05:43:47 [Preview] No. 10578 del
She doesn't like anime so I don't think that would work

Update Anonymous 12/16/2016 (Fri) 05:20:06 [Preview] No. 10596 del
(29.33 KB 396x385 IMG_2800.JPG)
Ok so I still haven't fucked her yet. I had the perfect opportunity last night but I fell asleep by accident. I had a chance today, as she was acting horny and sometimes looking at me but I didn't have the courage to do it. I am going to carry out my plan tonight. I will not cuck out this time.

Wish me luck as I plunge into the depths of the unknown treasures.

Anonymous 12/17/2016 (Sat) 02:14:48 [Preview] No. 10608 del
>mfw you are trying to molest your sister and night hoping she would just say "ah fuck it" and fuck you

Anonymous 12/17/2016 (Sat) 02:51:08 [Preview] No. 10609 del
Shit, I just realized that's technically molestation

Fuck this shit what am I thinking

Anonymous 12/19/2016 (Mon) 05:04:52 [Preview] No. 10655 del
Try answering her signs when she does some next time.

Anonymous 12/19/2016 (Mon) 05:37:02 [Preview] No. 10656 del
This, then make sure to post a picture of her body on /b/ while telling us how it felt to fuck her.

Anonymous 12/19/2016 (Mon) 06:17:45 [Preview] No. 10661 del
(267.40 KB 460x438 PaulDenton.png)
JC! Paul, yea, you gonna explain to me y dafuq u left my HIDDEN terminal open at the apt w/ all your shit everywhere? wtf is vore ne way holy shit it's just everywhere you have goddamn nano augs nigger y dafuq u installin yahoo toolbar fam? u lucky they activated mah kill switch nigga or i'd kill ya whole family nigger church.

Anonymous 01/12/2017 (Thu) 20:45:38 [Preview] No. 10954 del
This is /b/, not /pol/ nigger.

Anonymous 01/26/2017 (Thu) 00:00:11 [Preview] No. 11009 del
if you can't fuck that vagina i will

Anonymous 01/27/2017 (Fri) 01:10:50 [Preview] No. 11027 del
Whoops! My mistake. Carry on.

Anonymous 02/02/2017 (Thu) 10:30:06 [Preview] No. 11067 del
touch her hand and try to kiss her.

even if she rejects at first you may still can have sex with her later

no need to talk


(dont come inside)

Anonymous 02/02/2017 (Thu) 10:35:24 [Preview] No. 11068 del
would be great if you post some kind of proof
otherwise its probably another shit post happened in someones head

Anonymous 02/04/2017 (Sat) 05:16:04 [Preview] No. 11079 del
get that bitch drunk (not too drunk) and stop being a pussy. If she actually wants to fuck you she will when the alcohol is flowing through that pussy.

Anonymous 03/14/2017 (Tue) 23:10:50 [Preview] No. 11486 del
(538.82 KB 837x800 sister sex.JPG)

Anonymous 04/20/2017 (Thu) 16:14:12 [Preview] No. 11955 del
Give her mdma, the drug of love, and wait her to rape you. Worked with my little sister.

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