Anonymous 04/13/2018 (Fri) 13:37:11 No.16255 del
I might as well post here what I posted elsewhere to someone else recently. But first to address the murder, lets address that first. Who ends up murdering who? I would speculate its the State that does most the murdering, as the State has always been the biggest murderers of all time. Just research democide.

So would it not be logical to reduce the State? Make limitations on the State? Most importantly fiscal limitations on the State? I think this would curb such mass murderers. So now I'll respond by a simple fresh copypasta I concluded to someone else regarding America's demise:

"America is collapsing because of our fiscal insolvency (our inability to control our finances and manage our unsustainable debts) - not blaming all Americans, mostly our government, military, politicians and brickheaded leaders. The decline has been welcomed with open arms after the removal of the gold standard (1971). Many economists have warned of the consequences over the years, all of them labeled "tin foil goldbugs" and dismissed from Zionist mainstream media and the State-run 'educational' racket known as college. Since the removal of the gold standard and adaptation to Keynesian economics our currency has been massively devalued. Too bad!

As these "goldbugs" still point out today we need to audit our gold and silver reserves in America, take a count on inventory and decide whether we want to back the USD to gold or silver (whichever would lessen short-term pain). Or we could break up the USD and start a new silver or cold currency with what we have in our reserves. Short-term pain would be dealt and the US government would have its budgets significantly cut (which is not necessarily a bad thing considering all the waste, abuse and incompetence that goes with fattening up that greedy pig). What would also hurt (short term) is all the welfare leaches in society. They'd be forced to provide services or get a job. The productive workers would also take a fiscal hit but in the long-term they will survive and actually live a whole lot better lifestyle when things get back to normal.

Meanwhile, changes would have to be made. America would be forced to re-industrialize. We need a new trained workforce which would require skills being thought. I think trade schools replacing these corrupt colleges would be perfect! Colleges could exist but we need to reduce them for professional degrees only (for the scientists, doctors, lawyers, programmers, engineers, et al.) The rest of the youth can go to trade schools, we could roll out a much more productive workforce so manufacturing can come back, as well as mining, welding, farming, ranching, construction, growing the energy sector (shale, oil, coal, nuclear, hydraulic) as well as adapting to alternative forms of energy (thorium, solar, wind, or whatever else that may include), and from there independent businesses and services will blossom like they did during the Americana era.

As long as we have a gold or silver standard, and put constitutional limitations on how much the government/military can grow or spend annually, bureaucrats will be on a tight leash. Society can thrive and people can work for a living and live a pretty decent lifestyle because their currency will be strong and their fiscal policies SOLVENT for a change!"