Anonymous 04/12/2018 (Thu) 23:15:01 No.16252 del
>Name one time in human history gold or silver were worth nothing.
Every single time there was a multiple charge of theft and murder. The value was in fact negative for the extra costs of protection, but with your delieberate cooking of the books you can of course exchange lives for money and then just erase the record for lives, as if by erasing a minus symbol, and collect the leftover.
I told you, the math checks out. You trade in murder, and more murder is more jobs. Capitalism. When communism that forces people to labor runs out of needs to fulfill, they start being superefficient in capitalism by the standards being held to capitalism in this thread, but only then. Capitalism is thus formed up to be accelerationism into that state being the constant, just shifted over in location of the people who get to enjoy the rear end of it.

> fiat currencies throughout human history that have devalued to 0
And thus secured an open market for capitalist trade of any intrinsic value. You however posit that this freedom ruins your capitalism on some vague moral grounds, which I find to be "because it creates a body count for capitalism and my ideology".

Backpedaling, and still no address of points raised, but instead drawn out reiteration of very simple basics. It's clear you're stuck on loop.