Anonymous 04/12/2018 (Thu) 21:11:33 No.16243 del
If you are confused about the gold / silver ratio (of value), I want to challenge your thinking for a second because this could benefit you someday (depending how you act on it)...

Here is a long list of fiat currencies throughout human history that have devalued to 0 (worthless paper):

Name one time in human history gold or silver were worth nothing. If you look up the history all you will find is X, Y or Z value... but it always held value. Never was it worth 0. It always held value even in Biblical times.

This is where the principle of Austrian economics comes in. That is currency backed by precious metal. And even if you rather barter, you can still use precious metals to trade for other goods. Austrian economics is very liberty oriented and supports consumer choice and free open markets.