Anonymous 04/12/2018 (Thu) 20:52:58 No.16242 del
>you're a cryptomarxist

Nope, not even close.

>your "capitalist" ideology that dogmatizes gold as the common barter that cannot change in value is what cryptomarxism uses to destroy situational barter once and for all so that all but keynesianism is impossible.

Gold can change value, but cannot be completely devalued. Thus, any currency backed by gold cannot be completely devalued. 100% opposite of Keynesian economics my friend, which is FIAT (backed-by-nothing) currency! Keynesian economics id fraud. Gold, which always has and will hold value throughout human history, is NOT fiat!

In fact, many countries throughout history have bartered with GOLD! And silver too. So how you can say something with an infinite X-worth of intrinsic value can somehow render bartering obsolete does not make any sense. That is something I'd expect a Marxist to say.

>I heard that capital production is the real capitalism, now you're saying it's magic gold that every producer blindly bows to, make up your mind already.

So you do not know what I mean by capital? Capital can refer to mined precious metals / minerals, grain, fossil fuels, crops, meat, manufactured products, computers, gadgets, radios, weapons, munitions, medicines (natural or lab or whatever)... pretty much anything you use or could purchase. Thats capital.

However do not be mistake production for consumption! Many do. Capitalism requires production as much as it requires consumption. If your nation has very little domestic production, then you most likely live in a socialist nation of Keynesian kings and welfare leaches. If you have mass production, you have capitalism. Note that all the biggest manufacturing nations today (such as China) also hold massive amounts of gold in reserves (where countries like ours sell our gold over the COMEX markets like a bunch of stupid idiots).

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