Anonymous 11/30/2017 (Thu) 21:43:45 No.14041 del
To expound on libertarian socialism and the flaw in the political compass: it's specifically authored to reactively justify fence-sitting, as it generally refers to application of any politics as authoritarianism. It redefines "liberalism" as the ideology that does not affect society, except by some structuralist loophole of ideologies following a form simply by the reduction that people who think the same morally will just happen to act similarly even in extremely morally insignificant decisions that govern 99% of our daily lives. This is why it only applies to societies that are already so distraught that morality will always directly affect it's ability to function, mainly, how moral decisions are economically unviable in extreme poverty conditions (which is the sole reason they're considered moral to begin with, and not trivial).

For instance, "Nazis" there are only in the fascist corner because the compass forwards the baseless premise that their ideology was "authoritarian-right", which is simply not the case. Ideologically, they were the exact opposite, liberal socialist. The ideology assumed that liberal society, through such a structuralist loophole, must by rule fall into the socialist camp. This compass just makes a shitshow of its conclusions by freely switching whether it's supposed to measure the Nazi ideology or the Nazi praxis. Just like Nazis, this compass predicts that once the bigots rule over everything, nothing will be authoritarian because the authority only exists to help people to decide for themselves correctly.