Anonymous 11/14/2017 (Tue) 06:05:38 No. 13774 del
I think they're pretty bad.

The difference in efficiency is a good metaphor. An ASCII text file that describes how to do something will be thousands of times smaller than a video describing the same thing - and it can be searched. It works better. Kids raised in an environment of bloated, inefficient crafting-show style technological communication are being conditioned to think that that is how it's done and that devoting a couple hundred hours to reading, absorbing, and exercising enough of the techniques embodied in a book on some subject of interest to add it to their life toolkit is too difficult an endeavor to be worth undertaking. Their life options are going to be limited by that, not to mention they're going to be more likely to add to the bloat rather than take the time to write some documentation when they want to communication something useful to others.

Attention span is a mental strength. It's tempting to skip attention span day in the text-while-driving/youtube/multitask-cacophony environment that we've created, but don't skip attention span day.