Anonymous 11/02/2017 (Thu) 01:03:06 No. 13660 del
Can anyone think of any myths in the bible that involved physical transformation into animals, or other metamorphosis?. . Japanese folk religion is full of animal transformations, with foxes, tanukis, cranes turning into wives, mermaid/nymphs under the sea, and kiyohime the girl who became a water dragon. Greece was the same with women turning into spiders, men into women, women into trees, etc. Polytheistic religions are much more imaginative.. . So far for the bible all I can think of is Lot's wife turning into salt, angels that disguised themselves as humans, and a bunch of talking animals (you know, 'cas talking animals are for kids and so is the bible). The shapeshifting motif seems to be entirely absent! Christian fetishes are weeeak.