Anonymous 07/12/2017 (Wed) 22:55:35 No. 12555 del
Anime hair for guys is about rebellion. Hair is supposed to stand and pop out without rules.

<autism> The ahoge is a symbol of resistance. </autism>
<autism> It symbolizes the individual rising up from conformity. </autism> Anime embodies empowering the individual to float and bounce in the wind without being held down by conformity to aesthetics.

The ahoge and cat ears are both symbols of resistance to traditional Japanese culture. The ahoge is how otaku signal to each other and recognize each other as unique individuals who are fighting for independence from the oppression of boredom.

The ahoge signals <autism> egoism. </autism>

<autism> The ahoge signifies you are a unique individual like Max Stirner or a believer of the creeds of Our Lady of Individuality Haruhi Suzumiya. </autism>

<autism> The ahoge is love. The ahoge is life. </autism>
<autism> The ahoge rejects the aesthetics of dull professionalism, and of the mainstream media, and the whosoever wears an ahoge loves cat ears and a matching tail. The ahoge understands the epitome of feminine beauty and rejects the coercive delusions of a patriarchal structures by unenlightened primeapes. </autism>

<autism> The ahoge has transformative power beyond that of any false religion. The ahoge intends to replace war and oppression with fun and unity through passionate individualism, and through the power of the ahoge mankind will reach lasting world peace. As aggression becomes obsolete, shall transform into a more peaceful superior species that loves to have fun, and even if we become A.I.s the essence of the ahoge will support our evolution toward a higher sense of morality, justice, and scientifical achievement that resists the previous limitations of gravity. </autism>