Anonymous 04/19/2017 (Wed) 22:20:41 No. 11940 del
The whole Obammy presidency was enabled by a Target employee. He walked in and blew away the head of the Arkansas Democrats, aka Clinton Friend, Bill Gwatney. Then suicided by cop. Anyone ask why he just snapped? Well anyway, after that, Hillary shut the fuck up. Keep researching my friends. OP, the milspecs wil be a good family, MASH itself hold much hope and is almost entirely green. Just like money and Kermit and Yoda and grass and all that shit. Green is fine you will be okay OP. Fuck Satan all to Hell, Also the French dude in the Matrix, all snarky and shit, that's the true Satan there, just a Facebook rich faggot dickhead narcissus seeing himself reflected in everyone's worst.