Anonymous 03/18/2017 (Sat) 06:20:27 No. 11540 del
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Southern California does indeed suck. It's not as bad as Somalia, but imagine being born in Southern Calfornia and then four days after your 9th birthday an armored vehicle full of Ku Klux Klan cocksuckers shows up and hauls your momma away for a twenty year old unpaid parking ticket.

History is repeating itself in Southern California. People - and pay close attention here: people themselves, not actions - are being declared illegal (as if it's even possibe for a person to be illegal) and what we get as a result is mothers being taken from screaming pleading children. We've seen this happen before when an insane fascist dictator started claiming that people could be illegal. Where and when was that? Anyone?

These pieces of shit are not police. They don't enforce any municipal laws. Calling themselves police is some lame-ass weasel legal horseshit to try to circumvent the fact that they are violating the Fourth Amendment. They are targeting DACAs based on database lookups, not because they pulled someone over for a broken taillight, and they know it. Each and every one of those shitsuckers should face charges and prison time for violating the constitutional rights of the US citizen children whose parents they took from them.
So yeah, Southern California is a total shithole right now.