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Anonymous 10/24/2016 (Mon) 15:07:27 [Preview] No. 9829 [Reply]
Whats the new place?
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Anonymous 03/09/2017 (Thu) 07:13:55 [Preview] No. 11437 del
Hopefull they are in prison, faggot.

Anonymous 03/14/2017 (Tue) 14:32:30 [Preview] No. 11473 del
(24.15 KB 243x586 shit.jpg)

I got dubs once, but they didn't get confirmed.

Anonymous 03/14/2017 (Tue) 16:32:04 [Preview] No. 11474 del
>Bin Laden's youngest wife

Anonymous 03/15/2017 (Wed) 06:56:10 [Preview] No. 11491 del
(47.55 KB 800x800 pepeiel.png)

Anonymous 03/16/2017 (Thu) 03:09:11 [Preview] No. 11503 del
i'd say the new place is grandchan dot site / jb
lots of spam however.

The most dangerous weapon in the world, hiding in plain sight. Anonymous 03/11/2017 (Sat) 01:05:53 [Preview] No. 11461 [Reply]
This is not a drill.
>cell phone towers are weaponized death rays ready to nuke the planet or act collectively as a super powerful HAARP-like machine.
>Orgonite converts harmful rays into healthful ones, and can be "gifted" near cellphone towers to negate the effects. The larger ones make chemtrails harmlessly dissipate.
btw Wilhelm Reich is a notable person related to this topic.

https://youtube.com/watch?v=FE247x75ixw [Embed]

Anonymous 03/14/2017 (Tue) 21:55:07 [Preview] No. 11484 del
Thanks just bought some on etsy

Anonymous 03/15/2017 (Wed) 01:25:24 [Preview] No. 11488 del

(981.78 KB 297x398 IMG_3104.GIF)
How do I know for sure that my sister wants to fuck me? Anonymous 12/07/2016 (Wed) 21:56:42 [Preview] No. 10459 [Reply]
I've been wanting to fuck her for awhile and I'm almost 100% sure she wants the same but not completely sure. I might be taking normal things as signs that she wants to fuck me and I could be misunderstanding. I'll give examples of stuff she's done

One time I was in my room studying Latin (yes, Latin) while my parents were gone and she asked me if I wanted to come into the kitchen to do my Latin, and she was wearing a bit more of a revealing shirt than she usually does which really outlined her tits. Not realizing what she couldve been doing, I said no because I wanted to play Halo and when I said no she sounded really disappointed .

She has made multiple possible sexual references when she talked to me but were very subtle such as when I say "I'm hungry" and for seemingly no reason she says something like "Really now?"

The other day while my parents were gone I was in the living room waiting while suddenly for no reason at all she just stops studying to watch a mechanical little Christmas play we have on our buffet which she never watches. She rested her head and her really nice ass was pointed out and she was moving kinda lewdly. Not sure what to do I kept eating (Btw, she never, ever randomly stops studying and when she does she never just watches random stuff). Suddenly my parents came home and once she heard the door and stood up straight as if she was only watching the play.

I posted about part of this on 8chin a few months ago but like a cuck I did nothing. If I am 100000% sure she wants to fuck me I will act on it and I could possibly be having "hot incestious sex tonight" and many other nights ahead of me. What do you guys think?
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Anonymous 01/27/2017 (Fri) 01:10:50 [Preview] No. 11027 del
Whoops! My mistake. Carry on.

Anonymous 02/02/2017 (Thu) 10:30:06 [Preview] No. 11067 del
touch her hand and try to kiss her.

even if she rejects at first you may still can have sex with her later

no need to talk


(dont come inside)

Anonymous 02/02/2017 (Thu) 10:35:24 [Preview] No. 11068 del
would be great if you post some kind of proof
otherwise its probably another shit post happened in someones head

Anonymous 02/04/2017 (Sat) 05:16:04 [Preview] No. 11079 del
get that bitch drunk (not too drunk) and stop being a pussy. If she actually wants to fuck you she will when the alcohol is flowing through that pussy.

Anonymous 03/14/2017 (Tue) 23:10:50 [Preview] No. 11486 del
(538.82 KB 837x800 sister sex.JPG)

(10.40 MB 1920x1080 StillHere.webm)
MFW People Are Still On Endchan Anonymous 03/09/2017 (Thu) 07:11:26 [Preview] No. 11436 [Reply]
Why? What's here for you?
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Anonymous 03/10/2017 (Fri) 16:46:22 [Preview] No. 11459 del

Yes I am glad you mentioned Huxley and the talking pillows, this crowd needs to hear that because BNW is a masterpiece. Also "Island" would be applicable text to mention here, another book of his.

Healing memes are the same as the current crop of hurting or endumbing memes. A guffaw or a giggle compared to sitting there, thinking.

Self hypnosis and self administered trance state is probably the single most powerful thing a human can learn. It enables you to survive any cruelty, to endure any pain. I have also studied zen, and martial arts, for hmm 20 years off and on the mat. And in that context, one practices martial arts, not just to strengthen but to bring out weaknesses in ones self, and beat on them until they become stronger, thus strengthening the whole person.

Mental strength. Let us ask, does Ferris have it? Does Cameron have it? Let us note, in the film, the camera focuses on these three adults who according to their absurd laws, are still called "children", and that's the root of the problem shown to us in the movie.

Indeed I would say one could diagnose the chan problem, or even gamergate, in that single three person friendship between the charming idiot, the less funny and more neurotic friend, and the hot chick who obviously prefers charm over angst. But if they both date here, which is the one who is "cucked" heh, I never use that term, because as you can see, it simply breaks down white people as a group. Girls change boyfriends and its up to them, who they allow to entrance them. Sure the male does the entrancing but they alter their chemistry to be stirred by things based on their own internal situation, and not all girls are in the same place at the same time.

Let us think for a second. how would we "heal" Cameron, in the film? It's written to allow him to be "happy" (kind of) at the end, tho the film ends and there is never a sequel. The lack of a sequel involving the outcome of his life, or character, is not charming enough to carry a film. AND YET that is a lie, that some scriptwriter, wrote. And if you peer beyond it, you can see, that Ferris Bueller himself is actually a very boring twat, and that Cameron's next film, where he awakens, and charms the pants of Simone, the hot chick, was not made, due to the board meetings held, and they all decided that: to have Cameron succeed in a sequel, and get the girl, and have Ferris hit the skids, would not produce a suitably profitable sequel.

All movies are hypnosis mostly for healing but also yes for other things they insert. Some on endy would bitch at me for being movie and TV aware at a librarian/godlike level. I say pshaw, because the movies are the single most truthful stream of information given to the world. Mostly due to the gaps and lies in them, the format, the room (theaters) that is a dark cave we all go into... Hmm, well the hypnotic effect of film and TV on some giant home monitor, is not lost. Although the subject is sitting on their couch, they still induce trance state in themselves and thereby others as well. Home makes us feel even more comfortable than some cave we pay to get into. So yes, IF television and movies had a different theme under them, we would immediately as a planet, begin feeling better. Yes all media and TV are our enemies, and Huxley was saying "Hey it may all work out okay" but as we can also observe, Huxley didnt count on the power of corporate machinery. I find few authors really understood the power of the corporate boardroom combined with Madison ave, and that is where most hypnosis on Earth occurs or emanates from.

Anonymous 03/11/2017 (Sat) 15:19:57 [Preview] No. 11463 del
(5.59 KB 196x256 babar.gif)
I think that Babar can heal the masses, should they choose to listen that is.

Anonymous 03/14/2017 (Tue) 14:03:13 [Preview] No. 11472 del
That's not babar.

Anonymous 03/14/2017 (Tue) 19:58:15 [Preview] No. 11480 del
What are you people even talking about

Anonymous 03/14/2017 (Tue) 21:51:24 [Preview] No. 11483 del

(211.95 KB 850x600 1486149910539.jpg)
(781.18 KB 1029x1600 1486149947549.jpg)
Tentacles are good Anonymous 03/14/2017 (Tue) 18:19:15 [Preview] No. 11475 [Reply]
They can do anything dicks can, and better

Anonymous 12/03/2016 (Sat) 07:11:36 [Preview] No. 10393 [Reply]
Gaaaysss what imageboards you usually visit aside from this place??
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Anonymous 01/12/2017 (Thu) 03:03:09 [Preview] No. 10953 del
I usually just go here or uboachan now. Once and a while I'll pay 8chan a visit.

Anonymous 02/26/2017 (Sun) 00:38:00 [Preview] No. 11358 del
I check out finalchan.net nearly daily, because that's usually all it takes to stay up to date.

Anonymous 02/26/2017 (Sun) 04:52:04 [Preview] No. 11359 del
gaychan's /gay/

Anonymous 03/03/2017 (Fri) 23:16:44 [Preview] No. 11404 del
>I still go to 8/pol/
Isn't that unsafe now? If memory serves 8 is even less safe than 4.

Anonymous 03/09/2017 (Thu) 21:45:41 [Preview] No. 11454 del
I called my ISP for that once, got hung up on three times by street shitters, all telling me conflicting things. One kept assuring me they could change he my hotspot IP, and I kept telling them I need my external IP changed. Worked my way up to management because he at least knew enough to tell me they can't help, and that I can go get fucked.

Just change your router's Mac address and it will get you a new IP, if you can't, then set the ISP modem to bridge mode and connect your own to port 1, this will get you a new one.

(19.74 KB 460x300 IMG_1610.JPG)
Anonymous 01/01/2017 (Sun) 21:16:04 [Preview] No. 10897 [Reply]
What is the best color /b/?

Anonymous 02/12/2017 (Sun) 09:00:45 [Preview] No. 11205 del

Anonymous 02/12/2017 (Sun) 09:06:58 [Preview] No. 11206 del

Anonymous 02/12/2017 (Sun) 09:16:32 [Preview] No. 11211 del
pink anus?

Anonymous 03/08/2017 (Wed) 02:10:30 [Preview] No. 11424 del
my favourite color too!

Anonymous 03/09/2017 (Thu) 16:14:24 [Preview] No. 11442 del
(1.90 MB 320x240 IMG_6095.GIF)
Peach pink.

(72.29 KB 640x480 IMG_0709.JPG)
cheap kik bitch Anonymous 03/08/2017 (Wed) 01:39:08 [Preview] No. 11422 [Reply]
shameless whore on kik selling nudes

her kik is mandyyh2000

sage Anonymous 03/08/2017 (Wed) 08:03:00 [Preview] No. 11425 del
You have thread fam y tho?

Answers required Anonymous 03/07/2017 (Tue) 22:46:29 [Preview] No. 11419 [Reply]
Hey, I saw this image posted someplace else and I was curious as to who the girl below the explosion was.
I'm sure if I lurked more I could find out, but this place is slow enough to where I don't care to.

Anonymous 03/07/2017 (Tue) 23:06:59 [Preview] No. 11421 del
FBI-chan, came up on librechan when joking about those who frequented /hebe/ back then.

Shame Anonymous 03/02/2017 (Thu) 07:44:27 [Preview] No. 11386 [Reply]
Post something shameful you have done.

I was 28, my niece was 19. We were in a bar and I slowly poked her butt with my foot until she moved seats. Rest of the family were there. I was pretty drunk. Haven't seen or spoken to her since. It was playful, I wasn't hard or aroused by it, but it clearly made her uncomfortable like it was a sexual thing. Never done anything like that before. If she starts telling my family, they will disown me.

Anonymous 03/04/2017 (Sat) 03:15:00 [Preview] No. 11405 del
Act shocked and claim she is lying. If you have any credibility they will believe you.

Anonymous 03/07/2017 (Tue) 05:16:30 [Preview] No. 11418 del
(4.63 MB 2560x1440 wallhaven-393677.png)
Kinda slapped this pup too hard my roomates and I picked up a number of years ago. I was drunk and it was being bad but I probably shouldn't have hit it at all really.