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Anonymous 01/08/2018 (Mon) 04:37:12 [Preview] No. 601
I hate religion too. When I went back to re-watch Your Name, I brought a young Catholic relative along who is a teacher at a religious school because I wanted to indirectly fight back against her indoctrination because she was home schooled for 12 years. I know she was raised to oppose gay marriage and is an extreme conservative, but I hope that the movie will help her to imagine herself in the shoes of someone else.

I owe it to her kids to plant some seeds of doubt. She is in a position of authority over her kids, and if she doesn't lose those prejudices her words might cause gay and transgendered kids more unhappiness in the long-run. The older generation are too set in their ways to become more decent people, but we need to have many conversations with the younger generation if we are to reshape the world. We have the responsibility to be argumentative assholes with the younger generation, before they grow up and become too set in their ways to change.

You normally can't argue with strangers for long about politics, but your family can be more open than you think because they trust you. Since you're family they have no choice but to listen a little longer even if they won't change their mind. Protect yourself, but if you can afford to, it's often worth straining a few relationships to try and deliver messages to prejudiced family and friends. It feels good to deliver messages and counter-arguments on the behalf of the people who they refuse to listen to.

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