Anonymous 03/18/2017 (Sat) 23:46:30 No. 232 del
>2020 Traveling for my job.
>As a social media columnist and notable voatable RedditTV pundent I can not ever be still.
>I hunch my arms and grasp the lip of the teacup saucer I am traveling the new frontier in.
>I am the voice of reason when I arch my arms like a arachnid and grab the spinning teacup I materialize myself into any situation as the voice and mind of reason. I become a non-theistic avatar that is not a religious thing but a spirtual mandate of supreme comprehension of the universe.
>you can see how I caught my less-than-notable following of votables.
>one time I gave my take on the universal ambiance surrounding a group of women who are protesting inclusive as a false component of privilege.
>In the reddit thread I compared these modern day joan of arcs to sirens on the new frontier the great sea we are sinking or swimming in.
>2 thousand upvotes. I can take that to the grave and the abysmal beyond!
>>Word around the hivemind is that a rock band of fact speakers is emerging organically and it is going to be like they might be giants but with bill nyes and all kinds of stern honest people who tell it like it is serenade the Eucharist of result.
>Science is alchemy religion is poison.
>The metal detectors are now mental selectors.
>you swipe yes or no to questions on the touch screen while under the arch of correction.
>In the ultimate darwinian gamble you are swiping the correct answers to propaganda mind control situational questions of agenda. Or you make 1 mistake and off with your head. Feed your brain or end it like a man.