Anonymous 03/16/2017 (Thu) 04:52:06 No. 212 del

Do you think escaping is possible? This prison planet, I mean. This fake reality pulled over our heads by the enslavers. People are waking up, but I think it's all very carefully controlled.

As a lolicon, do you ever feel hopeless? As hated as people like that are. Do you ever feel despair?
I'm beginning to think that's the way out. Reality itself is consciousness, and it's all interconnected at the higher levels. The mind exists independently of the body. And creates the body. Emotional reactions connect us to this place.
So if we manage to become totally hopeless, despairing, borderline-suicidal, we can merit the lack of attachment required to walk the universe with unfettered tread. I've seen some results.
They try to put barriers over our minds to keep us from connecting, but that isn't totally possible.
The point of suffering is to develop hopelessness and despair.
Only when you're really and truly suicidal, when you really and truly don't care anymore, do you gain power.
When you completely stop caring, you can do anything.
You stop caring about belief systems (religious, materialistic, etc.), so you discover that life really is just a dream, and all the rules can be broken.
You stop caring about death, so you stop being inhibited about doing anything.
It only comes after you've been damaged deep down to your very core, AND you've declared yourself independent and refuse to be force-fed beliefs by anything else.
Only when you're so gleefully nihilistic that fear no longer exists, belief (in god, science, etc.) is no longer a limitation, torture no longer affects you, and death is no longer a concern, do you get what you're looking for.

What do you think?