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Atheism is dead

8chan has died and we are all that is left. Will atheism survive or will it die?

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God hates fags

No one who has been emasculated by crushing or cutting may enter the assembly of the LORD.
Deuteronomy 23:1

Dies thus mean that he that cuts of his dick because of colon cancer shall not go to heaven?

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Fedora Nietzsche's Song

>And I'd give up forever to touch you
>'Cause I know that you feel me somehow
>You're the closest to heaven that I'll ever be
>And I don't want to go home right now

>And I don't want the world to see me
>'Cause I don't think that they'd understand
>When everything's meant to be broken
>I just want you to know who I am

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Reddit RP

When you pray for my sick wife you're being an insensitive jerk!!! It upsets me as much as them replacing the 2 pound Darwin coin and setting the Britards back in their fight against state religion!

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I made a diagram to explain to Xians about the Richard Dawkins centered universe which fedoras actually believe in.

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The Beatles philosophy

All intellectuals agree the Beatles wrote better philosophy into their songs while high than the entire bible has put together. But as atheist kings let's rise above petty intellectuals and detach ourselves to ask even better questions:

What are the tricks for living only for today, as opposed to for yesterday or for tomorrow? And did he have a healthy philosophy as an atheist?

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The DAWKINS code

Christcucks are stupid (noun). Could I conjugate stupendous (adjective) into a noun when I want sound like I'm mocking them, but then go back on it and point at the dictionary/etymology and call them stupid for not understanding what I meant if I land in bad politics?

What other tricky words can you think of to mock our enemies?

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If you see an elephant crushing a mouse beneath its foot, and loudly proclaim "I am neutral!", do not expect the mouse to appreciate your neutrality.

This is doubly true if you decide to take time out of your "neutral" day to criticize that mean, hateful mouse for being so "intolerant" of that poor innocent elephant's culture.

Pretending that bigotry and opposition to bigotry are equivalent does not make you "enlightened". It just makes you a bigot.

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Theists are afraid of the facts

Facts are facts, and sooner or later we are compelled to deal with them. Theories may ignore them, but the consequences follow just the same. It is not merely our duty to face the facts, it is to our interest to do so. All life is an adaptation of organism to environment, and all healthy mental life is the expression of a harmony between our ideas of facts and the facts themselves. And without posing as a philosophical Gradgrind, one may confidently assert that the man or the philosophy that ignores facts will sooner or later come to grief.

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America does something right

Woot 'merica, land of the free! How come you protect Singaporean atheists seeking asylum, but can'to reliably protect your own citizens? I'm one of the guys who suggested to Amos Yee on his blog that he should use his patreon to emmigrate somewhere else when he left jail and get asylum in a country where he could make videos that criticize Singaporean culture freely, and I'm glad he did it. I wasn't the only one who suggested it, but enough of is did it that, and one of our messages reached him, and he had the courage to follow through and go to an unknown country. I salute him.

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Why do feminists hate us? (Obligatory Hitchens worship.)

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It's nurture!" SJW "It's nature!" Anti-SJW "It's both" Sane person "Racist sexist Nazi!" SJW "Regressive cuck commie!" Anti-SJW WW3 The End

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Black atheism

>"We are going to forget religion. Put your religion At Home, In The Closet. Keep it between You and Your God - because if it hasn't done anything more for you than it has, you need to forget it anyway." - Malcolm X, 1964

So.. Malcolm X was assassinated for being an apostate? Dang. Guess I haven't thought about it that way before.

I'm essentially a Christian apostate. I'm painfully aware I'd be risking my life if I lingered too long in some rural areas of my own home state and got to know people, or let them get to know me. I wasn't aware Malcolm X could become even more cool in my eyes than he already was. Not a martyr for anti-theism necessarily, but a guy who stood for what he believed in, and was still trying to figure out what that was, then got killed for trying to be honest with himself? Dang, man.

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>be me
>try to enlighten friend with superior logic®
>tells me science isn't logic
>*gives him empirical facts*
>says i'm being a positivist
>have to google "positivist"
>"wow this makes perfect sense"
>keeps reading
>"only empirical facts are valid"
>"which is not an empirical fact"
>start crying
>suddenly remember logic is science
>all is well
>repeats from step 1

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Holy cloud! [Embed]

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What I think of when I pledge allegiance

"I pledge allegiance to the spooks of the united egos of America. And to your spooks, for which they stand. One spook, under spook, with a spook and more spooks for all.....nooope, I pledge allegiance to myself."

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Fucking blue laws

Morality is stupid. It sucks that Utah doesn't sell hard liquor or wine on Sundays, because I am a famous atheist I love to get drunk and drive.

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Woo wooism

My horoscope starts my day
The priest says I should kneel and pray
The Tarot reader says ‘sorry, but you’re through
Better check yourself in
To the tower of woo’

A healer cleansed my vortex with Egyptian healing rods
Had me swimming with dolphins: said my energy was clogged
Told me to avoid any cure that was new
The older the better
In the tower of woo

My macrobiotic diet won’t allow me any meat
My reflexologist says it’s all in my feet
And anything sweet is taboo
Why is everybody smiling
In the tower of woo?

I beat drums in the forest, played the music of the spheres,
Walked over burning coals to overcome my fears
I was hoping for a miracle or two
But at the end of the day it’s still dark
In the tower of woo

I said to Steve McQueen: how lonely does it get?
Steve McQueen hasn’t answered yet
But I hear him sipping his homeopathic brew
A hundred floors above me
In the tower of woo

You can stick your little pins in that voodoo doll
It stimulates my aura, helps me to recall
A previous lifetime when my chakras were blue
And you tried to cure me with needles
In the tower of woo

I met a man who bent a spoon with his mind
At least that’s what he told me when I said I was blind
If I disagreed, he said he’d sue
Lawyers are hungry
In the tower of woo

Now you can say that I’ve grown bitter but of this you may be sure
The psychics have their channels in the bedrooms of the poor
I hear a mighty judgment’s coming, but I don’t think it’s true
There’s hundred dollar bills blowing in the halls
Of the tower of woo

I see you standing on the other side
Don’t teleport me to where your last patient died
The tower’s not so bad when you are blind
Incense burns in moxibustion cups
I’m mesmerized by your therapeutic touch
But I still feel like I’m running out of time

Now I bid you farewell, I don’t know when I’ll be back
They’re moving us to where spirits are slipping through the cracks
Speaking through our TVs, radios, computers too
The sign says no exit
From the tower of woo.

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We are the best co

Take any elite group and it will overwhelmingly skew atheist relative to the mainstream. We are overwhelmingly represented in the arts, we own comedy second only to the Jews, we possess the famous progressive writers of the last century such as Upton Sinclair, John Steinbeck, and George Orwell. Take any groundbreaking writer of the past century and ask if he is very religious and you can expect a flurry of skepticism. We have the funniest politicians, philosophers, the best scientists, the best

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Christian litter

Being an atheist means you're in charge of cleaning up the litter and vandalism of Christians which are pollutting the environment. Christians would ignore because they think it'should a good deed and they don't want to upset God. I have restored these trees to their natural pristine state. What have you done to clean up their litter recently?

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Jesus is a corporate logo

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Atheism to communism

The unrest we see in the west is we aren't communist. If only they were more atheists we would have a unified communist state.

R: 2 / I: 1 / P: 3
We'd like to build a nice little community of guys and girls from all over the world (US, EU, AUS, and ASIA). Everybody is welcome; dont be shy!

I just wanna hang out and casually chat (voice / text) with people online while we play video games and chill.

I mostly play overwatch with some other games like hearthstone, league, minecraft, tabletop simulator, golf with friends, etc. (blizzard/steam) sprinkled in.

We just made this group but we have a decent amount of people here and we'd love to have more friends!

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Women are stupid cunts

Women should be kept barefoot and chained to the kitchen stove, they're not good for much more than breastfeeding our kids. They shouldn't educate our kids since they're more likely to be theist, and we shouldn't read their books for the same reason.

Logic and rationality is all that matters, not misfiring emotions and hormone cocktails that make the emotions that preoccupy the inferior sex.

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Kapayapaan (galing

Kapayapaan, Kalusugan, at Kasaganaan
Pangarap ng lahat!

Gumawa si Jesus ng mga himala ng nagpakita kung ano ang magiging kalagayan ng buong lupa kapag natupad na ang mga inihula ng propeta.

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God hates figs

Why did he make fruit and fig trees if he hates them so much?

R: 10 / I: 4 / P: 3

>Life is boring when you are not believing in arabian super fabulous powers [Embed]

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I'm an atheist, but I'm not a neckbeard. can I still post?

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Fuck Buddhists

Fuck them for taking the high ground and converting our Germanic race into efeminine plant eaters.

>In preparing food, it is essential to be sincere and to respect each ingredient regardless of how coarse or fine it is. (...) A rich buttery soup is not better as such than a broth of wild herbs. In handling and preparing wild herbs, do so as you would the ingredients for a rich feast, wholeheartedly, sincerely, clearly. When you serve the monastic assembly, they and you should taste only the flavour of the Ocean of Reality , the Ocean of unobscured Awake Awareness, not whether or not the soup is creamy or made only of wild herbs. In nourishing the seeds of living in the Way rich food and wild grass are not separate.

Fuck you, your food sucks and that is objective. You only eat wild plants because you're poor.

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Share your weapons against religion.

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We're becoming more popular!

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The best of atheist literature

What atheist literature do you read? Indians and Commies are great when you're feeling angry and want to blow things up:

R: 5 / I: 2 / P: 4

Déjà vu? :o
>In 1793, during the French Revolution, the Notre Dame de Paris cathedral was turned into a "Cult of Reason" and, for a time, "Lady Liberty" replaced the Virgin Mary on several altars.

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Music thread

This is the best song since it tells them God is a slob! I love to roll down the windows, and play it with my speakers cranked up to 11 right outside of a church choir on Sundays! When they come out all they can hear is my music!

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"Don't Bow Your Heads"

We finally have a couple of open atheists in congress now. In 100 years lots of atheist lawmakers will be quoting Carl Sagan instead of the bible, and will not be sworn in on the bible, but on reciting the hippocratic oath. [Embed]

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Religious kids can't differentiate between fiction and reality

>what do you mean animals can't talk? There are talking asses and snakes in the bible and all the cartoons have talking animals! I thought you said the bible was real! Which makes my life without talking asses a lie!

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Tricks and flips

>Be me
>Try to do a stupid trick to impress my friends
>Bang my head on a table
>See vision of Richard Dawkins
>Become a militant atheist

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>Nuns don't believe in abortion
>So they wait until the kids are born and then throw 800 hundred of them into a pit
Tell your Christian friends about where their ethics have lead when they tote that no-abortion is moral.

I desire the fallen women Catholics despised. I picture inumeral women prisons for adulterers, alleged prostitutes, and unwed rape victims, begging for a release.

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Who is our worst enemy? Logically mine is myself, since my own emotions or laziness are my stumbling blocks, and I suppose most atheists take conciously responsibility and think the same, and maybe so do the liberal CS Lewis Christians who interpret demons as just metaphorical internal forces to be conquered. But perhaps most theists nelieve in spiritual Warfare and think their number one foe is Satan? And atheists often say their worst enemies are the irrational members of society? And the 2nd enemy of theists are the evil in the form of tjr men Satan has corrupted.

I wish I had the excuting rivals theists do. I mean, theists lives as though they are playing in a Pokemon fantasy, and Gary and Team Rocket are lurking just out of sight, waiting for you to slip up. It's exciting to have enemies that care so much about you, who have more devotion to your failure than your friends are to your success! Christians don't settle for lukewarm adversaries who forget you after they get promoted, no, they want blood-sworn enemies for life! How splendid! I have to settle for shadowboxing with myself, but they get to see a wide variety of evil shadows conspiring to keep them down whever they go!

Ah, these are the boons of narcisism in your psyche! Christians are so lucky to get to play in a RPG every day of their lives! If you knew better, you wouldn't give it up! Life without Christianity is too damn easy, due to having fewer enemies to wrestle against!

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Atheist e-celebs

Darkmatter2525's David videos weren't as funny as the Samsung trilogy. I think his videos were funnier and fresher a few years ago.

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Which of these mountains is the most likely to be holy? I say kunlun in China, because I know Mount Sinai, Olympus and Fuji.

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Where were you the day God died?

I was fapping and in my euphoria I misclicked and jacked off to a horse cock pummeling a sissy. It was the best fap I had in years of desensitization when I covertly masturbated, and there was no going back to the porn of the God-fearing. I choose to stop believing and worship Satan, because I can'tell fight God alone and need supernatural powers in case Jesuss comes back to life and sends me to be boypussy for the devil forever in non-stop feverish debauched sex. That would be hell.

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Which species of neckbeard are you?

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I'm am atheist and a great man, but I believe we are living in a computerized stimulated reality meant to stimulate the evolution of early life. I have donated millions to a research Institute that wants to prevent sinister AI from talking over our planet. Did I mention I'm an atheist?