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>>/ggrevolt/15611 >>15589 >Women by nature are not monogamous Oh but they are, technically; they're hypergamous which means they want a monogamous
>>/4/9873 Na przestrzeni dziejów i w rozpiętości rozlicznych kultur miłość damsko-męska wiązana była z wzajemnym oddaniem, wzajemnym posia
>>/ggrevolt/15610 >>15609 The TOR link is broken too, I mean the s6424n one. I reported it on /operate/, thanks for the heads-up.
>>/operate/5605 >>5602 kind of like pic related? Also respond to >>5599 pls
>>/operate/5604 s6424n4xbsmqs27.onion is broken - completely also, is it the better tor link or should I use the endchan5dox one? **I dont
>>/pol/30354 >>30351 He probably will with enough time end up being a fed or something. Right now he's just the lone name and face who isn't
>>/librejp/28255 >>27943 ザッとググってみるとメレンゲと生地を合わせる時に泡立て器で激しく混ぜると折角のメレンゲの気泡がダメになるみたい 木べらかゴムベラで底からすくい上げるようにミックスと混ぜなさる
>>/ggrevolt/15609 >>15268 this type of broken shit needs to be reported to >>>/operate/ . I'll try and get this fixed.
>>/librejp/28253 そういうわけでもう寝MAX

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