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(521.38 KB 800x875 39776482_p0.jpg)
Anonymous 01/04/2016 (Mon) 00:45:30 [Preview] No. 63
What are you watching?

What are you downloading?

I'm rewatching Devilman Lady while Zoids Chaotic Century and Tokyo Ghoul are downloading.

Anonymous 01/04/2016 (Mon) 01:07:59 [Preview] No. 65 del
I just finished watching Selector Spread WIXOSS. It was alright, although I did find some parts a bit cingeworthy and overdramatic. Not sure what to watch next, was thinking about Plastic Memories or maybe White Album 2 since I still haven't seen it. Either way I'm running out of hard drive space so I will have to delete some of my other shows. Any recommendations?

pic unrelated

Anonymous 01/04/2016 (Mon) 02:13:58 [Preview] No. 72 del
(195.31 KB 297x419 41.png)
I'm just about finished with Log Horizon

**tbh it's getting kinda shitty towards the end**

Anonymous 01/04/2016 (Mon) 02:15:36 [Preview] No. 74 del
(91.28 KB 1280x720 24.jpg)
son of a fucking bitch

okay I figured it out

Anonymous 01/04/2016 (Mon) 02:41:38 [Preview] No. 79 del
(645.52 KB 1000x896 18092010.jpg)
1st or 2nd season? I've heard that there's a severe drop in quality (narrative-wise) towards the end of the second season. I've seen the first season and it was good, but I'm a bit scared to touch the second season because I don't want to see how bad DEEN fucked up.

Anonymous 01/04/2016 (Mon) 06:25:22 [Preview] No. 121 del
yeah, I'm on the second season. I don't know if it's just me, but the episodes at this point seem kinda empty and boring.

Anonymous 01/04/2016 (Mon) 14:06:00 [Preview] No. 144 del
Gundam 0079 & Legend of the Galactic Heroes

Anonymous 01/05/2016 (Tue) 01:42:55 [Preview] No. 157 del
I just downloaded Ladies versus Butlers! and will be binging on it soon.

Anonymous 01/05/2016 (Tue) 01:48:46 [Preview] No. 159 del
(7.68 MB 640x480 Ranma opening.webm)
Watching this, slowly. I'm only up to episode 20.

Anonymous 01/05/2016 (Tue) 02:23:32 [Preview] No. 163 del
I don't have anything to watch until the season starts up again in 2(or 3 was it?) Days

My backlog is done and nothing else really piques my fancy. I tried watching that 80s series about gods and godesses in japan from Sunrise but it was really bad.

I'm pretty bummed until Friday. :/

Anonymous 01/05/2016 (Tue) 02:34:07 [Preview] No. 165 del
(3.33 MB 1280x720 mpv_screenshot0004.png)
I'm re-watching Space Brothers. It's so comfy. Probably the only show I can watch over and over without getting bored.

I'm also downloading the second season of Spice and Wolf. I literally had no idea it had a second season until a few days ago.

Anonymous 01/05/2016 (Tue) 02:58:17 [Preview] No. 170 del
(64.90 KB 438x436 1423267111848-1.jpg)
I've been slowly reading the Spice and Wolf light novels but I haven't actually seen the anime yet. Is it any good?

Anonymous 01/05/2016 (Tue) 03:07:15 [Preview] No. 171 del
I've only watched the anime at the moment so I have nothing to compare it to, but I thought it was pretty comfy to watch. Also Holo was cute. I assume that's enough reason to download and watch it.

I'd post some images, but unfortunately I don't have any.

Anonymous 01/05/2016 (Tue) 05:13:53 [Preview] No. 185 del
(360.04 KB 772x800 1421767123151-1.jpg)
Now I want to watch it, but I also want to finish the light novels. Tell me how it goes anon after you watch it.

Anonymous 01/05/2016 (Tue) 11:40:38 [Preview] No. 211 del

Anonymous 01/08/2016 (Fri) 05:41:50 [Preview] No. 288 del
(258.76 KB 471x446 1429608177818.png)
I just got through rewatching Berserk and the Golden Age movies. I love comparing differences between the two. I still have to catch up with the manga, now that Guts is off the boat.

Anonymous 01/08/2016 (Fri) 11:11:54 [Preview] No. 291 del
(592.45 KB 1680x1050 6eh62h.jpg)
I'm watching all the eps that come out this week, it being the first week in the season and all.

I don't have anything on my backlog at all. I've been watching anime much too long and pick something up every year in between and on the downtime that interest me. I'm out of things.

Before you say "OH DID YOU WATCH ____" don't because I heard and saw of everything that interested me from 1969 to 2015.

and before you ask I do not know why I have a shakugan no shana image nor why I posted it

Anonymous 02/13/2016 (Sat) 13:42:56 [Preview] No. 637 del
(1013.53 KB 500x205 1455191328869.gif)
Rewatching the Monogatari series since I finished Owarimonogatari.

As for downloads, i'm downloading Mawaru Penguindrum and Yurikuma, they seem like interesting anime.

Anonymous 02/13/2016 (Sat) 20:35:45 [Preview] No. 639 del
So you can you suggest me something, anon-sama?
Here's a list of animes that I really like (no specific order):

Ghost in the Shell
Elfen Lied
Ergo Proxy
Serial Experiments Lain
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Psycho Pass
Steins Gate
Fullmetal Alchemist
Aoi Bungaku (No Longer Human)
Darker than Black
Sakurasou No Pet Na Kanojo
Grave of the FireFlies
A Viagem de Chihiro
Natsume Yuujinchou
Hotarubi no Mori

Based on that, what you recommend?
I don't know what to watch, too.
I'm watching the Boku dake ga Inai Machi, but that's all.

Anonymous 03/12/2016 (Sat) 11:02:09 [Preview] No. 1444 del
So how many titles did you watch?
If you can't say exact numbers, tell in hundreds, at least.

Anonymous 03/12/2016 (Sat) 16:37:05 [Preview] No. 1446 del
Not that anon, but if you like Elfen Lied, you'll like Brynhildr in the Darkness. Although as with Elfen Lied, the manga blows the anime out of the water.

Anonymous 03/13/2016 (Sun) 04:13:43 [Preview] No. 1449 del
Mah nig

Anonymous 03/19/2016 (Sat) 13:33:02 [Preview] No. 1480 del
sword art online

Anonymous 03/19/2016 (Sat) 13:33:42 [Preview] No. 1481 del

Anonymous 03/19/2016 (Sat) 14:01:15 [Preview] No. 1482 del
>sword art online
Why would you put yourself through such cancer, anon?

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