How do you watch anime? Anonymous 05/17/2018 (Thu) 02:06:52 No.26804 del
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>watching dubbed anime on general streaming sites like hulu and netflix
>watching anime through the netflix dvd rental system
>renting anime VHS from the library
>watching kids anime on cartoon network and nickelodeon whenever Seinfeld, M*A*S*H, King of the Hill, or the Puppybowl doesn't happen to be on another channel
>watching anime piece by piece through short clips on youtube
>watching on kissanime
>watching anime on dedicated streaming sites hidden on the tenth page of google
>torrenting anime and watching it with a media player software such as Orange Traffic Cone media player, Purple Play Button Media Player, or 321 Clapperboard Media Player
>learning the Japanese language so you can move to Japan and watch anime on tv without waiting for subtitles
>walmart anime
>renting out a drive in movie theater for the weekend so you can watch anime in the comfort of your 2005 Nissan Quest
>creating your own silent anime film out of flipnotes
>learning how to lucid dream, so you can watch anime via 3d astral projection that puts you inside the anime (note: this only works for rewatches)
>watching anime by lurking every 4chan thread about that anime so you can figure out the plot from context and see all the coolest parts through screenshots and webms
>taking the transcript/LN of your favorite anime and commissioning a girl (hopefully a girl) to read it for you while masturbating so you can experience it as an erotic audiobook
>watching anime in a theater
>buying a VR headset and running a virtual machine in minecraft via mods, so you can build your own minecraft theater with a giant screen larger than any screen that could possibly be made in real life

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