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What sounds hotter for the bottom right panel I'm translating? Or fix it if you can make it sound hotter.

[“Ahh, Yuu-kun, you have a nice dick.”
Akiko's salacious hips bent as she engulfed the young man's meaty rod.
“Ahh...A-Akiko-san, your pussy is sticking to my we are having sex?”

A sweet sensation spreading in his loins was intoxicating to the boy who had never before experienced that.. ]

My older translation says:

[“Ahh, Yuu-kun's dick is nice.”
Akiko's hips lasciviously curved around the young man's rod.
“Ahh, A...Akiko-san's sticky pussy, and my dick have this is sex, huh?”
A luscious craving had begun for the first time in the boy's crotch, and it was intoxicating him. ]