Anonymous 12/07/2017 (Thu) 10:28:13 No.24154 del
>Miyazaki said about the iPad. "It's disgusting."

>Miyazaki's dedication to his work negatively impacted his relationship with Gorō, as he was often absent.
>Gorō said that his father "gets zero marks as a father"
that's unfortunate, then again, miyazaki's anime movies are important and high quality

>He should have gotten a less stressful job where waifus wouldn't trigger his PTSD.
excuse me but he is 100% right, industry is full of faggots who dont know how a real person looks or behaves so we end up with trash like blend-s or cuckime

>He hates sexualizing girls
that's a good thing, redart! women should marry virgins and get sexed in the bedroom, not on the streets! *slap slap* wake up

>He refused to visit any anime expos in America for 6 years to protest the invasion of Iraq
he's retarded

>is also a socialist and thinks secularism is ruining the world and the world would be better if we got back to Buddhism and worshiping mystical bullshit

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