Rin tousaka 07/11/2017 (Tue) 20:03:35 No. 21454 del
(27.87 KB 600x480 0vfy9gR_d.jpg)
You were never the strongest
You were never the fastest
Yet, you gathered just enough power to stand a chance
Even when those chances are low, you found a way
You always found a way
Not once retreating, not once victorious
In time, you grew
Stronger… faster… wiser…
The scope of your ideals became Unlimited…
As you forged wisdom upon the hill of swords, you understood
Filled with utter regret, this was your only path
Standing at the top, above your foes, and even your own allies
You became the victorious
But you never sought to be the best
To be the best was just a stepping stone
With no other desire in mind but the Justice you sought
You became the ideal

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